Python, Ruby, PHP: war or just alternatives?

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on February 20, 2012

Python, Ruby, PHP: war or just alternatives?
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php python rubyToday we propose to discuss the following question. As you know there are three competing languages of programming for creating websites and web applications: Python, Ruby and PHP, and the question is – what language is the best? You may be surprised by our topic but we suspect programmers to have a habit of using a certain language for programming. It can be one of names, which we have just mentioned above. These languages are quite popular, aren’t they?People who want to be developers often have to make a choice: how to start and what language to learn? Their experienced colleagues can give the answer but it will be based on their preferences. Therefore, if the older counterpart uses Python he (or she) will advise the same thing. In another way, it will be Ruby or PHP if we are talking about these three languages. Why? Each of these tools is a modern tool to make different applications; each language is open source, dynamic, and object-oriented. Then what is the difference?

We want you to look at the picture describing advantages and features of every language from our article. You’ll see some interesting things. For example, PHP has the highest rating (6%) according to the December research. In addition, the popularity of PHP has increased for 2% since 2010 till 2011. As for Python, it takes the second place with 3,5%. And finally Ruby is a bronze medal winner with 1,5%.

There are some extra things on the diagram, which was referred to above. For instance, most companies are looking for developers fluent in PHP. Python is the most-discussed language. The interesting fact about Ruby is that NASA and Motorola use this one. To assume everything mentioned we can say: the war between languages should be over. Just make a choice and use those programming tools that you really need.