QA Testers Basic Must-have Toolset

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on June 28, 2014

QA Testers Basic Must-have Toolset
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Testing toolsSure thing is that software testers have various projects with different products and unique tools to operate with like:

  • Browsers
  • FTP clients
  • DB clients
  • Virtualization utilities
  • XML editors
  • Etc.

But there are still tools for document storage and retrieval, tools for tracking bugs, text reading & editing tools that may be used for practically every task. So let’s try to get a bit deeper into the subject and find some really must-have tools.

  1. WinTask. It’s a nice and handy tool with which you may do most of your website automation tasks like regressions and stuff like that. And it is easy to use and quite powerful.
  2. BareGrep. Your system is surely overfilled with lots of configuration files. The program makes it really easy to find the desired one.
  3. PL/SQL Developer. It’s another handy multifunctional thing that you may use for almost everything that is related to database activity analysis, creating test data, store procedures and a lot more.
  4. Bugzilla would be a nice bug-tracking tool, lots of teams choose it.
  5. Jing. A small tool for making screenshots (to attach to your bug reports). It also allows you to make short videos. It comes in handy when it’s difficult to explain the bug.
  6. KiTTy – A small SSH client. It can be used to view server logs in real time.
  7. Filezilla – A splendid FTP client that has SSH support.
  8. Virtual PC will give you the possibility to create several virtual machines on your desktop. That comes in very handy.
  9. HttpWatch views and allows to debug Http.
  10. Xenu LinkSleuth is a splendid site-spidering tool that is used to check for broken links.

Certainly this list can go on and on, because new tools come out every day. Some better, some worse. So you might keep reading this article until you get old and won’t need any tools at all since you are retired. But for now it’s a nice up-to-date list that should satisfy all of the tester’s general needs.