QArea Announces About Launching its Renewed Website

QArea Team by QArea Team on February 10, 2012

QArea Announces About Launching its Renewed Website
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We are proud to announce about launching our renewed website! Be sure that the new version of our “web-face” has saved all the positive and useful things of the previous one, but you will be really surprised by the appearance and functions of the new QArea.Com.

The first thing that can’t be missed is the new design of the website. It has been professionally developed by our best specialists – that’s why new corporate website could be the best presentation of our services.

Also QArea is happy to present other improvements of its website. Due to the improved navigation, interesting content clearly describing our services and the new version of our portfolio which now includes all the latest projects, QArea.Com has become more user-friendly.

You may notice that the site became working more quickly. This is also an improvement of the website – CMS that has been replaced by the modern one.


Speaking in general, QArea.Com has become more close to the company’s corporate style and working spirit, representing the experience and professionalism of the team.

We’re not going to rest on our laurels. As a modern company QArea is always working on its own appearance that is being seen by the market. Our website is not an exception. The process of its improvement never stops, that’s why be sure: a lot of other interesting changes are coming.