QArea Assigned New QA Director

QArea Team by QArea Team on June 5, 2008

QArea Assigned New QA Director
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June 05, 2008 Ukrainian software testing and development company QArea has appointed Nikolay Semenov as a QA Director. This step is a part of the QArea development strategy as a Test-Driven company.

QArea, a leading Ukrainian software testing and development company, announced the appointment of a new QA Director. Nikolay Semenov, who is assigned to this post, is a seasoned QA professional and manager with extensive experience in the IT industry.

This appointment and concurrent expansion of the level of QA Director’s authority and responsibility are new steps of QArea aimed to strengthen its positioning as a Test-Driven software company.

Nikolay Semenov has strong QA professional skills and solid experience gained in senior engineering and quality control positions at multinational IT companies. He holds a Masters degree in Computer science from Kharkiv National University of RadioElectronics and took a pre-graduation course at Wessex Institute of Technology.

Since April 2008, Nikolay Semenov has been working as a CTO at BugHuntress QA Lab, an independent software testing division of QArea, and showed his worth as a proactive and very efficient manager. In his new role Nikolay will be responsible for deployment of the newest approaches in the field of quality assurance and quality control in QArea in whole and stimulate the development of QArea as a Test-Driven company.

In QArea any new software development project starts and finishes in the QA and testing division – BugHuntress QA Lab,” explains Max Garkavtsev, Founder of QArea. “BugHuntress works with many clients, helping them to control the quality of onsite or outsourcing vendors’ software development. In the same way it serves shareholders of QArea. BugHuntress QA Lab is completely independent from our software development teams. As a result, no dominance of a project manager’s opinion, no ungrounded optimism, just truth and facts (testing metrics) about every software development project – this is the idea of Test-Driven company in short.

Such an approach is not far-fetched. QArea own experience as well as the experience of its customers explicitly shows that independent software testing can be crucial for success of a software development project. But the Test-Driven company uses independent QA/QC control not only as services for customers but first of all as an internal procedure.

Being a Test-Driven company requires the highest-level QA/QC processes in production and management,” emphasizes Max Garkavtsev. “We believe that Nikolay Semenov can contribute significantly to providing this level at our company.