QArea custom software development company attends 3GSM World Congress

QArea Team by QArea Team on March 12, 2006

QArea custom software development company attends 3GSM World Congress
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February 13-16, Barcelona QArea outsourcing software development company attended 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona which is the most significant event in the mobile and communications industry, and is visited by such giants as Microsoft, Vodafone Group, Nokia, Motorola, China Mobile and others.

This year 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona brought all together all the people, newest ideas, technologies and products in the PDA and mobile phone industry. This year it stretched from February 13 till February 16 and gathered about 50,000 people. The attendance in the first day of this year Congress was bigger than the total attendance of last year’s 3GSM in Cannes. 1,900 media representatives were near the action and were broadcasting the latest news from the source. 40% increase was shown in the exhibited companies also, this year they were 962. The 3GSM World Congress will be held again in Barcelona next year.

Among the most attendible exhibitors were Samsung, Nokia, Motorola, BenQ-Siemens, Sagem, LG, NEC, HP, Pantech and others.

Among the mobile handheld technologies there can be observed 2 successful trends: to-slimize-and-stuff-with-new-technologies and to make 3G-and-rich-media technologies affordable in low-end devices. The first category includes offers from Sansung, Motorola and Nokia mainly and NEC: supporting WiBro, HSDPA, T-DMB, building-in 3.2 to 5 megapixel cameras, raising internal memory up to the skies of 128 MB. The tendency to slim phones of the key idea of i-mode NEC clamshells. The phone is 13.6mm thick. They have EDGE connectivity standard, 1.3 megapixel camera, MP3 player, Bluetooth and 54 MB internal memory, WAP. Also there are some cute features announced, yet of doubtful value except but for entertainment purposes: text pronouncing feature, which can read SMS messages with its metallic voice with Pantech phone. Sharp and Toshiba presented 2.4″ VGA displays. Current top of the line high-resolution displays used in the mobile phones are QVGA (240×320 pixels).

As usual the variety of designs is breathtaking.

Among OSs, Windows Mobile 5.0 is winning this span since it comes on most intriguing and promising models, like new HP quad-band communicator hw6900 and thin Windows smartphone – i-mate SmartFlip by HTC Star Trek platform.

Even the low-end handhelds aim high offering no more no less but 3G video broadcasting and high resolution cameras.

Anyway with the above tendencies, these are entertainment, TV-broadcasting, rich media, photoediting tools, business applications and security issues that are to be of major headache with content providers for these new essentials.

In this context of special interest and essentiality was QArea’s presentation of their creativity in mobile GUI development, mobile animation and Flash interactive design. Of special interest were QArea’s knowledgebase and experience in mobile security, mobile banking solutions and various entertainment software, both in the aspect of development and testing services.

Well appraised were QArea’s skills and non-trivial approaches presented at 3GSM World Congress collected when developing embedded software for telecommunications industry.

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