QArea developers attended the Agile 2011 Conference

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August 31, 2011
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On 8-12 August 2011, the QArea developers have visited the Agile 2011 Conference which took place at Salt Lake City, UT, USA. The conference has collected about 1 600 participants from over the world.

The Agile 2011 Conference is a testament to the extraordinary growth of Agile in term of a development framework. Nowadays Agile is promptly achieving mainstream acceptance, if the quantity of global, large-scale organizations in attendance is any indication.

The Agile conference gathered developers and allowed them to connect with colleagues, share experience and find out more from Agile experts and each other about practices as well as the innovative techniques.

This year conference has presented highlights which involved the 10-year anniversary of the event of the signing of “Park Bench” the Agile Manifesto where many of the initial signatories came together with a first-hand look at their experiences. Also there was a lively forum where the attendees provided insights and interacted.

Over 200 sessions and 3 keynotes assisted attendees to drive away practical and usable ideas that they can instantly put on use upon their return.

Furthermore, Agile Alliance headed a separate event, called the Agile Executive Forum, that is cooperated with the Agile Leadership Network. It was attended by over 60 senior-level managers that shared their experience concerning the way Agile is affecting the organizations – obvious sign which Agile is impacting business at all levels.

QArea goes on improving the experience and knowledge in various areas of software development.

Qarea at Agile 2011 Conference

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