QArea Developers Conquer New Drupal Spaces at Drupal Balkan Summit

QArea Team by QArea Team on December 10, 2012

QArea Developers Conquer New Drupal Spaces at Drupal Balkan Summit

Drupal Balkan Summit is a great event in Drupal world that was held on 8-9th December 2012 in Zagreb, Croatia. QArea Drupal developers couldn’t miss such great opportunity to get some new experience and share our ideas with the world famous Drupal sharks.


This event was organized by Drupal communities from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia. “Whether you are Drupal pro, newbie or just person who is interested in Drupal developments you could gain from this conference”, noticed QArea developers. The main goal of Drupal Balkan Summit was to deep inside the one of the most used web platform in the world.

Wide range of tools that expand boundaries of Drupal capabilities became the most interesting topic to discuss. The significant part of the event was devoted to the Open Source technologies.

As Drupal becomes more and more popular both among pro specialists and fans, such conferences are quite demanded and let people gain new skills, resolve issues and have fun spending great time in the company of interesting people.

Why it was so important for QArea developers to attend in Drupal Balkan Summit

  • QArea has the dedicated team of Drupal developers and tries to improve their skills constantly to deliver high quality products to our customers. Our developers try to take a part in the most particular Drupal meetings;
  • There are about 19 000 community-contributed modules for November 2012 that generate interest among Drupal users;
  • At least 2,1% of websites are powered by Drupal platform, that is called ‘Drupowerful’ in QArea, as more and more our clients choose exactly this platform for website building;
  • The number of attendees was about 100. As previous two conferences organized by these communities attracted about 80 participants, we can say for sure that such events became more popular and demanded.

QArea Drupal developers found Drupal Balkan Summit very useful in all respects. We found new friends among Drupal freelancers, small and medium Drupal shops employees and representatives from Non-Government/Profit Organizations, share our background, got new skills and suggestions regarding the pressing problems.

What’s next for QArea Drupal developers? We are powered by new weapon – the cutting edge Drupal acquirements, so we are ready for new challenges in order to implement projects of any level of complexity.

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