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QArea enters the List of Top-5 Software Development Companies in Ukraine

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QArea Team
QArea Team Marketing Manager
February 13, 2018
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QArea again holds the top position in the rating of outsourcing development providers. This time the company entered the list of the Top Software Development Companies in Ukraine, by Good Firms. The ranking is based on thorough research of services quality, market penetration, client reviews, and portfolio.

The rating aims to determine the most professional development and testing teams. This year, Good Firms experts researched 30 best outsourcing companies in Ukraine – and QArea joined the list of the top-5.

The company was not only highly evaluated in terms of the service reliability but also received an exclusive review written by Good Firms experts. It’s a great commandment of our professional level and a big motivation to move only forward.

We are proud to be again considered the leading team in outsourcing software development in Ukraine and receive the feedback from satisfied clients and product users. For 17 years, our expertise was proved by Skype, HuffPost, Microsoft, AOL – and we are looking towards new projects and achievements.


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