QArea gets on the final list for the Best Contribution to Quality in the Mobile World of 2016!
QArea inside,

QArea gets on the final list for the Best Contribution to Quality in the Mobile World of 2016!

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Alex PR manager
October 17, 2016
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The App Quality Alliance (AQuA) has a mission to promote and enhance mobile app quality worldwide. The award is targeted at recognizing companies that show supreme commitment to app quality. The results are based on evidence of meeting the highest quality standards and critical contribution to app quality in the mobile sphere.

The judging criteria:

  • Outstanding customer satisfaction;
  • Fantastic quality processes;
  • Industry contribution to the area of quality.

Why QArea?

QArea is one of the leading IT outsourcing companies with the experience of 15+ years in mobile development, a large talent pool, a full stack of tools, and incredible passion for impeccable quality. We take pride in our portfolio of 100+ accomplished projects and mutually satisfying cooperation with such market players as Skype, RebelMouse, and Dashlane.

Happy customers are our ultimate goal and top priority. We constantly assess customer feedbacks and self-improve to meet the strictest demands and fulfill the most outrageous ideas. We offer 3 business models to suit flexible demands and needs of businesses of various sizes and types.

To be continued…

The more accolades and recognitions  we achieve, the more responsible we feel for the quality of services we deliver and the more self-driven we are to level up customer satisfaction and reach new, higher peaks in app development. Ensuring quality is a challenging, dynamic mission we are genuinely happy to accomplish again and again.


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