QArea has attended the 7th Annual Zend PHP Conference

QArea Team by QArea Team on October 21, 2011

QArea has attended the 7th Annual Zend PHP Conference
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QArea php programmers took part in the 7th Annual Zend PHP Conference (ZendCon). The conference took place October 17-20, 2011, in Santa Clara, California.

Zend PHP Conference represents the largest gathering of the PHP Community and put together IT managers and PHP developers from all over the world to discuss best practices of PHP and explored new technologies.

This year ZendCon presented a variety of technical sessions and in-depth tutorials. ZendCond 2011 focused on the ways which PHP fits into main trends in the IT world. The fundamental themes of the conference are Cloud Computing, User and Mobile Experience and Professional and Enterprise PHP.

An Exhibit Hall featuring industry leaders provides a space to meet cutting edge companies and unique networking capabilities are at hand.

QArea team of developers has derived a lot of benefits for further work on development among which:

  • Gained insights from PHP luminaries, peers, thought-leaders and community members
  • Explored new technologies such as Cloud Computing and NoSQL
  • Learned PHP best practices for development, design and architecture
  • Discovered how to use and scale big PHP applications
  • Learned the way to leverage effectively Zend Framework and the alterations coming in Zend Framework 2.0
  • Discovered new benefits in the PHP language and the way to best harness them

QArea php developers have benefited a lot from attending ZenCon conference 2011. They found out important innovations and new ideas in software development which can be deployed today while programming.

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