QArea Hits One New Top!

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on September 2, 2015

QArea Hits One New Top!
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Once again we’ve made it into yet another top by Clutch. Clutch is an American B2B research company whose goals are in highlighting most capable and efficient deliverers of all kinds of services, including IT outsourcing. This time a research was conducted to determine Ukraine’s best web software development service providers and it’s not surprising QArea has easily made it into the top 10 and is positioned as the top market leader.


QArea could have never gone as far without our brilliant engineers, talented designers, and inspired testers. Luckily, Ukraine has plenty of talents to offer. During the Cold War Ukraine was still part of the USSR and was, in fact, a vital engineering cluster of the giant. Thus there are thousands of technological institutions and colleges people have studied in for generations now. That technological background, when combined with an economy of a young and maturing country leads people into settled, stable industries like IT outsourcing.

As an addition Ukraine is geographically located near both Europe and Asia and technically can belong to both worlds and this leads to EU quality of solutions for an Asian price. These two reasons have allowed Ukraine to bloom as a recognized IT outsourcing player with quality offers and affordable billing. Today Ukraine is both known and recognized as one of outsourcing industry leaders and yet remains more promising towards upcoming investments. The more it is pleasant for us to realize QArea is considered to be among the best representatives of Ukraine.

Why are we the best?

QArea has been in the market of software solutions delivery for far more than a decade now and our experts have enormous experience in on-time delivery of actual value to businesses. We have settled and established flows of development, tools and methodologies that can be applied to all kinds of complex, feature-rich web apps and sites. Our solutions can withstand peak loads and their security is nearly impenetrable. We provide our clients with guidance, support and consulting, we offer numerous models of business to ensure each business can find a solution that meets its needs, a solution of finest quality and within the budget. Thus no wonder QArea was ranked so high once again.

Nevertheless, our team is proud with each new achievement and is happy to realize level of services we deliver grows and meets with strictest international standards. And, from our side we would like to notice that we will happily work to become an even better provider of services as we constantly see prof that our way works. And works for both us and our customers!