QArea iOS Developers Celebrate 3 Year Anniversary

QArea Team by QArea Team on September 13, 2011

QArea iOS Developers Celebrate 3 Year Anniversary
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9 of September, 2011 QArea team of iOS developers has celebrated 3 years of their productive work. Started as a small dedicated development team they evolve into professional iOS development factory. For 3 years of work QArea iOS team has gained great results and fulfilled many successful projects.

Today, due to anniversary, QArea iOS dev team had unusual planning meeting – they played several matches of PingTanks, as many of them participated in development of this game. And results were used for assigning development tasks. Best players received more interesting tasks, while losers will handle more routine tasks.

QArea iOS developers have delivered a wide range of sophisticated projects among which are the following:

MyFund prototype application

That is prototype application developed for MyFund business system. It implements demo data layer and all user interface. Prototypes like this one are very useful to demonstrate application concepts to investors before making big efforts into application functionality and back-end servers’ deployment. Seeing and touching live application UI concept on the device sometimes is better than browsing several designed only on paper screens.

Skyhook LocalFaves

QArea developers participated in development of some modules for Skyhook LocalFaves SDK. Several demo apps and heatmap feature on top of google maps were implemented for Skyhook.

HuffingtonPost mobile client

QArea iOS team providing development support for mobile client for Huffington Post news system. There are versions for iPad and iPhone. Application includes social integration for example comments to articles, etc.

Dice game (Ashy2Classy Dice)

This application is a single-player dice game for iPhone, including some RPG features. It let player to play dice thus gain blings and money. Then blings may be sold and wagered. While player collects money, he moves from suburbs environment to royal palace casino.

SpreadItAndForgetIt calculator

It is a simple savings calculation program – yes, there is no limitation for projects simplicity, iOS team takes each project with care, even if it is a tiny proof-of-concept test or a handy utility with simple calculations.

And many more interesting big and small projects, some of which are under NDA, and can’t be disclosed, no matter how exciting they are. QArea iOS developers have gained high level of professionalism and are capable to provide high quality development for a wide range of projects complexity.