QArea is Going to Visit ConFoo Conference to Level up its Staff Skills

QArea Team by QArea Team on February 18, 2013

QArea is Going to Visit ConFoo Conference to Level up its Staff Skills
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PHP, Java and Quality Assurance QArea experts are going to attend the next ConFoo that will be held on February 25 through March 1.

ConFoo is a very important developer-oriented conference with striking diversity content and presentations touching various web development topics. There are over 100 knowledgeable speakers from around the globe who share their hands-on experience with various web technologies. This year the conference expects up to 750 attendees. By the way the conference is driven by the community and is not created for profit.

Uniting speakers, attendees and organizers the relaxing atmosphere of ConFoo, on-site lunch and a community cocktail reveal new networking opportunities.

WHY we are going to attend this conference

  • We always try to develop and inspire our personnel. ConFoo is exactly such kind of conference, challenging to consider new thoughts and ideas, giving the opportunity to exhibit, demonstrate, or share services and products.
  • This is the place where one can meet media representatives and stick in some PR opportunities. Calm and prepossessing atmosphere allows to become acquainted with sponsors, ask them some questions, hook out information, you will never know in other circumstances.
  • We want to meet an opportunity to build relationships and partnerships which will be able to help us in a professional sphere.
  • There will be more than 750 attendees, advanced PHP training and 160 sessions. The topics of the sessions include API design, application architecture, test automation, OOP security, and deployment. The peculiarity of this conference is that real life problems are discussed there, which you won’t find in periodicals and books.
  • Being helpful ConFoo conference will give our specialists a lot of ideas to improve their work.

QArea is looking forward to ConFoo conference with its family atmosphere, spirit and charisma of its attendees, speakers and organizers. We hope participants from our company will bring back from the conference learning experience, inspiration and gathered knowledge and new contacts.