QArea is to be a Vendor at SoTeC

QArea Team by QArea Team on August 14, 2008

QArea is to be a Vendor at SoTeC

August, 14 – QArea, in person of Max Garkavtsev, Founder of QArea, will be a vendor at the 9-th SoTeC (formerly The Southern California Coalition Technology Conference – SCCTC) annual vendor showcase and conference, put on by IT Professionals for IT Professionals. This year’s theme is “Capturing the Summit – Expanding Knowledge – Achieving Goals”.

QArea will fully utilize opportunities provided by this year’s Southland Technology Conference. QArea representatives will learn about the latest successes, challenges, technologies, standards, business benefits and products from the most comprehensive conference in the region. “QArea goal is not only to gain new skills, exchange experiences, and make contacts but also to present QArea’s new QA & testing services to the IT community and enhance our ability to respond effectively to the daily challenges in a a fast-paced IT world,” stated Max Garkavtsev.

Participation in the Vendor Showcase will expand QArea experience along with gaining wide marketing exposure through the web, email blasts, and meetings across Southern California and nationwide, as the event and vendors are publicized throughout 8 professional association memberships – with a distribution list up to 10,000 project management and quality professionals.