QArea Mobile Developers Visited Mdevcon 2013

QArea Team by QArea Team on March 26, 2013

QArea Mobile Developers Visited Mdevcon 2013
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On March 14-15 QArea experts namely mobile developers attended the Mdevcon 2013 held in Amsterdam.

The conference was tailored and aimed at mobile technology developers and opened for a worldwide audience. However, regardless of whether attendee was a developer of iOS, android or any other mobile platform everybody found some interesting session, he or she wanted to visit.

The venue was impressive: about 275 visitors gathered in classic Tuschinski Theater in Amsterdam. There is probably one place that is ideal for such conference conduction. This is Appsterdam, a non-profit growing community providing common ground for app developers in and near Amsterdam. The location of conference was not only easy to reach but also inspiring.

List of speakers included highly skilled knowledgeable mobile developers and professionals among whom there were Matt Gemmell, Martin Legris and others.

WHY have we attended this conference?

  • Attendance of such events is the key to success. Due to the constant changes in the world of mobile technology QArea as one of the leading software development companies should be aware of all the latest trends and innovations.
  • It was a good chance to discuss issues of the mobile technology development future with colleagues and experts in the informal atmosphere.
  • During two days our experts were able to take part in various sessions on mobile development in the magnificent venue.
  • For our mobile developers Mdevcon 2013 was also a good chance to communicate with the experienced professionals in mobile technology. Taking part in this conference our developers aimed to improve their professional knowledge.
  • Visiting sessions, our specialists have learnt the most current and the best practices, solutions and ways of mobile development.
  • During the conference our specialists got intensive training, selecting the most important topics that interest them. And there is one more fact which is not less important: they got knowledge from famous experts, the possibility of communication with whom is unique in itself.
  • Communicating on the session afforded the opportunity to establish useful contacts with leading professionals, experts, and colleagues ― the representatives of IT elite.

QArea believes that attendance of the Mdevcon 2013 will impact positively on its reputation in the world arena because its specialists have already started to implement the knowledge and solutions obtained during the conference as well as own newly launched ideas into the company environment.