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November 10, 2007
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QArea officeLast month QArea moved into new offices. This fact reflects not only the company growth but also striving to build more effective production and managerial processes as well as more democratic relations in the company.

Now that we have been in our new office for several weeks we are finally settled enough to find some time to write about it. Since November 2007 we moved into nice new offices. Due to our steady growth we decided to enlarge our working space to provide more convenience of the existing and new company employees. Thus, all our departments together with the management team are located within one area.

The new office is situated in the greenest part of the city, close to the Kharkiv Botanical Garden, the oldest in Ukraine. Plenty of green plantations nearby provide clean air which makes this area the most attractive for the city residents.

QArea officeTaking a look inside one will find open space office structure which provides plenty of room for everyone and, to our point, removes psychological as well as actual barriers between the company management and the staff. Experts say that such lay-out automatically eliminates the distance between the various levels of the company and improves internal communication. Besides, open space encourages team attitude, greater focus and determination among all employees including managers.

One of the managers comments: "Overall our attitude to the office relocation is positive since now as we are all located in the same space we have no limits for free interaction and discussion of all operational questions. I think it made a considerable contribution to strengthening of our corporate spirit. In future it will definitely encourage more enthusiasm and generation of new approaches in search and development of new projects. It is also worthy to mention that general mood of QArea team filled with positive zeal to facing challenges and achieving new goals."

QArea officeAfter the first adaptation we plan to add some complementary features in order to create more comfortable conditions for each division and each employee (according to their personal preferences) and at the same time to preserve the democratic team spirit. And last, but not least, we would like to assure our customers that the new office structure does not prevent us from carrying out our commitments to guarantee security of project development process since special rooms and corresponding conditions are provided, if necessary.


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