QArea .NET Experts at Windows Marketplace Conference

QArea Team by QArea Team on October 1, 2009

QArea .NET Experts at Windows Marketplace Conference
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QArea .NET team was invited to attend Windows Marketplace Conference, specially organized by Microsoft Seminar devoted to the development for new mobile platform Windows Phone 7. The Conference took place in Moscow Microsoft office on the 27th of September and assembled a number of mobile experts proficient in building software solutions for Windows Mobile, iPhone, Android, Symbian and etc.

Lead Microsoft Engineers took part in the conference and represented new platform capabilities and technical characteristics. The following reports were delivered to the audience: Windows Phone 7 overview and design review, applications building for Silverlight platform, games development for XNA Game Studio, apps registration and distribution through Windows Marketplace.

The Seminar performed as the place for discussion where .NET experts could share their expertise and experience and receive qualified response on multiple questions they have had.

During Windows Marketplace Conference seasoned software developers from various companies could get deeply acquainted with new OS work on the prototype devices, get familiar with technical aspects of applications and games building as well as the best ways of apps monetization and submission to App Store.

Andrey Gorbokon, Senior .NET Developer at QArea Inc.: “The conference was well –organized and gave me better insights on upcoming platform work and potential. During the event I get an overview on Microsoft’s plans for a new platform, artifacts as requirements to applications certification, get better understanding on existing resources of the platform and public libraries. The conference allowed me to review and analyze examples of using Silverlight and XNA. The feedback about the new platform provided by other programmers (who already create apps for WP7 platform) was really valuable and I’m sure will help to eliminate many problems and create robust solutions in future.”

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