QArea Offers 50 Hours Free Trial Testing Project

QArea Team by QArea Team on October 19, 2009

QArea Offers 50 Hours Free Trial Testing Project
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Software testing outsourcing has huge technological and financial potential and considered by lots of vendors as an effective tool to cut costs and at the same time improve the quality of final products. But at the same time it is associated with inherent risks which may lead to business collapse and make companies scared about outsourcing testing services.

In order to reduce the risks of failures, hidden costs and possible occurrence of unlikely events related to software testing with external outsourcing company you need to deal with a real professional, with reliable software testing company that will ensure software functions specified before will go into production.

To mitigate the risks of lost time and money associated with software testing outsourcing, as well as ensure your software is tested by proven and professional partner, QArea testing and QA division, offers to all qualified organizations to apply for 50 HOURS FREE TESTING TASK.

We are confident about the quality of our work and high level of professionalism of our test engineers that is why we are offering 50 HOURS FREE TRIAL TESTING PROJECT for you without any obligations and hidden costs.

Our test engineers will thoroughly review your software carefully considering all your requirements, write and execute test plans as well as report and follow up all the bugs found. Our Team Lead will make a strategy for ongoing steps and deliver recommendations on improvements of your software which prevents the creation of failed application.

Our 50 HOURS TRIAL TESTING PROJECT gives you an opportunity to test your software solutions with the highest quality for FREE and make it successful from the first release.

Our 50 HOURS FREE TRIAL TESTING PROJECT enables you to assess the quality of tests as well as the competitiveness of our proposal and gives an opportunity to evaluate our capabilities and process for future collaborations. Try its Out!