QArea Professionals Came Back from Mobilism Conference in Amsterdam

QArea Team by QArea Team on May 30, 2013

QArea Professionals Came Back from Mobilism Conference in Amsterdam
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At the Mobilism conference held on 16-17th May 2013 our mobile developers plunged into the world of mobile development and  design. The Mobilism conference was an initiative of three outstanding wizard, they are Krijn Hoetmer, Peter-Paul Koch and Stephen Hay. Possessing high level of knowledge in the mobile web sphere they also have shown their incredible organizational skills having gathered 271 attendees in total from all over the world.

What was it there at the conference?

The program of the conference was very saturated totally amounting to 16 sessions lasting each for 50 minutes. After every session Tim Kadlec conducted Q&A interviewing the speakers after heir reports.

On 15th of May two workshops were also hosted there.

First was Designing for Touch, held by Josh Clark. The workshop attendees can now bravely say that they know how to make the most of touchscreens which are everywhere today. The workshop took a hands-on approach to design of touchscreens providing practical guidelines, cases and examples.

The second workshop was held by Max Firtman and was called Mobile HTML5. The speaker was successful in giving relevant data concerning the ecosystem of mobile browsers in 2013. The meeting taught the visitors how to create splendid mobile apps for both browsers and full screen and native apps including Firefox Open web applications and Chrome Apps.

Why Mobilism?

Today web developers and designers feel particularly the importance of mobile. In turn, the web proves to be more and more significant in the mobile world being the only method to open an app on any phone.

That is why most conferences dedicated to web have mobile sessions and vice versa, mobile conferences often hold web sessions. Taking next step Mobilism combined both and was devoted to mobile web development and design.

The conference provided a possibility to meet the best speakers representing the world of mobile and web development along with various tool makers, operators and browser vendors who have met the conference’s attendees with the mobile ecosystem.

In QArea Company we strongly believe that attendance of conferences particularly Mobilism not only enhances knowledge and skills of our employees but also creates healthy and enjoyable environment as well as enhances a team spirit thus positively affecting quality of solutions our customers receive.

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