QArea Secures CMMI-DEV 3 Appraisal (2022)

by Anna Khrupa on Apr 7, 2022

QArea has gone through the CMMI-DEV appraisal process once again to ensure that the company still complies with the Level 3 requirements and is on track for a future Level 4 appraisal.

QArea’s project development team has been officially re-appraised at CMMI-DEV Level 3. Our software developers and quality assurance engineers continue to display maturity in their development practices with streamlined and thoroughly documented practices for everything — from onboarding new team members to deploying completed projects to client servers.

QArea was appraised at CMMI-DEV Level 3 in 2018. Since then everyone in our team has been dedicated to complying with development best practices and improving the capabilities of our team.

Our CMMI appraisal in 2018 opened doors to many markets and clients where this kind of accreditation and status is important. We’ve scored some very interesting projects since, and our goal is to expand further and achieve more.

M. Levitsky — Head of Business Development at QArea

Although our project development team has been appraised, implementation of CMMI requirements across the board has led to improved performance of all teams and departments in QArea. Thorough documentation of our onboarding process, for example, has allowed us to respond to client requests for team expansion faster. New developers can be added to the team quicker, and thorough documentation of all activity on the project allows them to begin contributing to the project within a few hours of joining the team!

The improvements I’ve noticed as Head of Delivery are significant. When looking at the big picture, a faster onboarding process doesn’t seem significant. However, when you look closer at team dynamics the difference is astounding. Where onboarding would previously take a full day (including meetings with the project manager and senior developers), it now takes just a few hours before new hires can begin contributing code to the project.

When you add up all these small adjustments and improvements across the SDLC you can notice that our processes have cut down a few days of work (and thus saved our clients a few thousand on their bottom line).

Bruce Mason — Head of Delivery at QArea

Future plans for QArea include expanding our team abroad and working on our CMMI-DEV Level 4 appraisal. At this level our team will have concrete methodologies for quantitatively measuring and controlling output. Our team is well underway towards this goal. Several internal software products (DueFocus and DueCode) already provide meaningful ways of quantifying progress on projects. Furthermore, many client projects currently in progress throughout various QArea development teams already adhere to CMMI-DEV Level 4 criteria.

Now, our team is working on company-wide adherence to CMMI-DEV Level 4 practices, soon followed by an official appraisal.

Many departments within QArea and TestFort are already CMMI Level 4 compliant. Our clients are happy to see thorough documentation of their products and quantifiable data on the progress of their projects.

The mere fact of our company-wide adherence to Level 3 practices has already helped us tremendously in 2020–2021, when many teams shifted to fully remote work without a hiccup. Now, our capabilities have been put to the test once again.

The war has put further pressure on our performance, and yet we’ve been capable of delivering completed projects to our clients on time. While there were temporary delays in late February, having a solid workflow and process for every step of the SDLC allowed our engineers to get back on track quickly.

At this point, whether or not further “levels” open doors to new projects is secondary. We’ve seen how these defined processes can help our teams, and that alone is worth the effort, time, and costs we’ve spent on these appraisals.

Max Zorian — CEO and Founder of QArea

In addition to being appraised (and re-appraised) at CMMI-DEV Level 3, QArea’s product development team is also ISO 27001 certified. This certification ensures that QArea upholds and adheres to global information security management standards.



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