QArea and The Summer Of 2016: What’s New, What’s Old And Was There A Revolution?

QArea Developer by QArea Developer on September 13, 2016

QArea and The Summer Of 2016: What’s New, What’s Old And Was There A Revolution?
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It’s been a really hot summer for QArea, as we’ve managed to grow our business even further, won series of prestigious awards and all that happened while you were on vacation!

Summer is one of the dullest periods in business. It matters little whether you are a successful Ukrainian Software Outsourcing Company or a real estate dealer in the Philippines. Unless you own a lemonade stand – business was probably going slow for you during some of the sunniest days our wold has ever seen.

Surprisingly we have faced series of unexpected twists during the vacation season and have managed to grow the business even further.

Here’s but a short list of our fabulous accomplishments:

What’s all the fuss about?

First and foremost, independent researchers are sure we have what it takes to provide out of this world solutions. That’s always pleasant and encouraging.

Secondly, new clients can be assured that we deliver finest quality, meaning the bigger bang for their buck.

Thirdly, we are have moved to a new level of operations by providing software development and QA solutions to entire governments.

To sum things up – we are a reliable partner to businesses of all shapes and sizes with an astonishing track record of successful cases.

But don’t take my word for it, check things out for yourselves!

How’d we get there?

Hard work and some play were the only two things that got us as high. We aren’t afraid of a challenge. But, unlike numerous “one-day-to-shine” companies we have both the experience and the muscle to actually nail difficult tasks.

Teams here, at QArea, don’t believe in poor estimations, our staff isn’t afraid to stand out with careful customer guidance.  If your plan seems risky or unlikely we will give you the feedback paired with series of possible solutions. That’s why people love us, that’s why we never run out of business.

Hire professionals!

Despite 16 years in the industry we are still a constantly growing company filled with inspired, passionate professionals. We’ve never lost our mojo and are now bathing in rays of prominent glory each end every one of us deserved with hard work.

We are proving our superiority on a day to day basis with heavy emphasis on applicable rates and rich quality of delivery. We are, today, a solution for countless businesses who require development, QA, support and maintenance of software.

And we are proud of it!

Hire professionals today and kick back with joyful delight tomorrow!

You Imagine – We Perform!