QArea Takes Part in the II Ukrainian Outsourcing Forum

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November 30, 2005
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November 30, 2005 – QArea, the leading developer and tester of applications for PDA’s and smart phones also being the originator of the pioneering BugHuntress Test Suite – automated testing system for PDA applications, took part in the II Ukrainian Outsourcing Forum organized by Ukrainian Hi-Tech Initiative.

QArea, an offshore software development company made a presentation at the Second Ukrainian Outsourcing Forum which took place in Kyiv on November 29-30, 2005. The II Ukrainian Outsourcing Forum was organized by Ukrainian Hi-Tech Initiative, a leading Ukrainian alliance in Offshore Software Development and the IT industry ( The subject of the presentation performed by, Eugene Kovalik, QArea’s Sales and Marketing Director, was Kharkiv Leadership at Ukrainian IT Outsourcing Market.

In the report, the main idea was in delivering the essential information on Kharkiv leadership potential in supplying the biggest pool of certified software developers and qualified related professionals, already existing professionals pool, statistics on software offshore outsourcing market players in Kharkiv region, unique IT and data security branch organizations located in Kharkiv.

Particularly resonant was the fragment of the report dealing with Kharkiv contributed technologies and essential business models and trends, like ODC and BOT, and their extremely short time-to-market and starting time.

In the II Ukrainian Outsourcing Forum the followingoffshore software development company made a presentation at the Second Ukrainian Outsourcing Forum which took place in Kyiv on Nove Ukrainian-based companies took part as contributors: QArea, Ukrainian Hi-Tech Initiative, Ukrainian Association of Software Vendors (UAPPO), Mirasoft Group, Lohika Systems, Inc., Infinity Internet Institute, Infopulse Ukraine, GSC Game World, Bonus Technology, Sunbay Software Crimea, InterLink Ltd., Program-Ace LLC, Lava Computer MFG, Inc., Kvazar-Mikro, Baker & McKenzie, TechnoPark Corp., IT Personnel,, Addforce/Ancor.

Also, in the II Ukrainian Outsourcing Forum, participated and contributed the following foreign organizations: Austrian Federation for the Information Industry (Austria), Softjourn, Inc. (USA), University of Jyv?skyl? (Finland), RUSSE (Russia), (USA), Anergy Ltd. (England), Scandinavian HOUSE (Norway), EPAM Systems Inc. (USA). II_UOF_photogallery

About QArea: QArea is the one of the largest offshore software development companies in Eastern Europe since 2001. Its primary focus is brought upon application development for handheld devices, (j2me development), Symbian, WinCE (Windows Mobile), Palm devices and related. Also, QArea cultivates strong .NET and Java development teams performing standalone and web-application development services.

About Ukrainian Hi-Tech Initiative: Ukrainian Hi-Tech Initiative is a leading Ukrainian alliance in Offshore Software Development and IT industry.

Objectives of the Initiative:

  • presentation of Ukrainian market of offshore outsourcing services;
  • accumulation of international contacts in order to establish cooperation in IT development sphere;
  • Partners Screening and Selection Service as well as BPO in Ukraine;
  • organization of meetings between Ukrainian and foreign companies;
  • formation of investment for the progress of Ukrainian software development.

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