QArea Team Visited The JavaZone Conference In Oslo

QArea Team by QArea Team on September 13, 2013

QArea Team Visited The JavaZone Conference In Oslo
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QArea team visited JavaZone conference in Oslo.

QArea outsourcing company is a constant participant of different conferences targeted on various IT topics. As Java development is one of our specializations we couldn’t miss such a huge event. Java developers from QArea were present on Javazone conference to make a knowledge exchange with other IT professionals.

JavaZone is the biggest community of such kind. We glad that we participated in this educative and informative event. JavaZone is indeed a conference of high-quality and independence.

Around 40 large and middle-sized companies presented their products there.

Many interesting topics have been discussed. It was a magnificent event indeed!

What we learnt from the JavaZone Conference

Many talented speakers participated in the conference to share their experience and knowledge.

We sent our Senior and Junior Java developers to share their experience and learn something new in the field of developing Java technologies.

Our developers had a great time there; they learnt a lot of new information. It was very informative to listen to the speakers of different countries. They liked “Goodbye XML !” by Kristian Rosenvold, “Extreme Programming Live” by Johannes Brodwall and “Java 8 to the rescue!?” by Fredrik Vraalsen.

It was a lucky opportunity for our Java Developers to be there and participate in that conference, share their ideas and learn something new.

We are sure to participate next time in Javazone 2014!

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