QArea: the way they see us

QArea Team by QArea Team on December 1, 2005

QArea: the way they see us
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December 1, 2005 – Here is an extremely pleasant thing to attract somebody’s attention and make a good impression with them. Here is an interview with our PR Manager Julia Palatovska that Rudy De Waele posted on the pages of on November 17, 2005. This blog is about mobile media lifestyle trends, the convergence of networks and the continual merging of electronic devices.

Women in Mobile 02 – Julia Palatovska

We receive daily loads of news about mobile business in US, Europe and Asia but what about the ex-USSR? Quiet on the eastern front? I decided to have a closer look what’s happening there and fell into the ‘ravissante’ Julia Palatovska, PR Manager of QArea, a software development company in Ukraine. The point of this Women in Mobile series is to hear the woman’s view on mobile business and their personal mobile lifestyle from different locations on this planet. I can still wonder how lucky we are to be able to communicate so accurate, cheap and fast from one continent to another? But ok, let’s hear it from Julia:


– What brought you into mobile?

Before I started to work for QArea, I had been working in entertainment area. I organized parties and birthdays and gave interactive lessons of English language. Max Garkavtsev, the founder of QArea was one of my students at these lessons. While practicing his English speaking skills, Max convinced me to try myself as Public Relations Manager at his company.

– Are you more business, social or technical mobile oriented?

QArea provides any kind of technical software support for any kind of Mobile devices. So mobile phones just wouldn’t work without us! As for me, I play a social part in this business.


– Can you explain more about your work?

My work is very interesting. I communicate with our partners and potential customers from all over the world, share knowledge with them and try to make cooperation between QArea and our clients the most smooth.

– What is QArea’s key expertise?

QArea is a privately owned offshore software development company that provides a wide range of offshore IT outsourcing services and innovative solutions with primary focus brought upon PDA software development and mobile application development. The company has been operating in this area since its very foundation in 1998 and has gained a substantial experience in Symbian, J2ME, Palm and Pocket PC software development. Besides offshore outsourcing QArea is also famous for its professional Web-development services. Our Web-development team combines the efforts of keen experts in Web and WAP portals, online communities and e-commerce software development.

Since our developers pace up-to-date with the cutting-edge IT trends, they have gained considerable knowledgebase in such domains as .NET and Java software development. Today many companies all over the world cooperate with us due to our professional skills and attractive prices.

– How is it to work as a woman in Ukraine?

Ukraine is one of the countries where the most beautiful and lovable women in the world live. So it’s a real challenge to be a woman here! To be competitive a Ukrainian woman should be efficient in her job, able to organize her business relationship (what is not easy in our country yet) and to be sweet and ladylike at the same time.

Digital Lifestyle

– How does mobile technological progress influences your daily routine?

It gives a great choice: either to be always available or to get lost.

– Is technology surrounding you making your life easier?

Yes, of course! You get used to the progress achievements so quickly that you cannot imagine how you managed to live without them before.

– Would you download mp3 tunes on your phone?

I love beautiful slow music. It helps to forget the ultimate rush of the world. This is a great idea to download it right into your pocket.

– What would you like to film with your camera phone?

Any beautiful places I visit. Especially I like to shoot different views of water. This substance has so many moods that you can always catch a unique one with your camera.

Future of mobile

– What is going to be the next *big thing* in mobile?

I don’t know… Maybe services of QArea?

– The mobile trend for next year?

I am afraid that instead of having a date, people will use SMS flirt to relax.

– Do you see any differences between US, European and Asian mobile markets?

I think that users in the United States are keen on everything new in mobile world, Europeans don’t trust the latest trends at once and Asian people produce more than they use themselves.

Personal favorites

– What inspires you professionally?


– Your favorite mobile device?

Nokia phones.

– Favorite mobile application/service?

My personal horoscope forecast in the morning.

– Your ultimate dream scenario including mobile?

Oh! My dream scenario is very simple: I would like to see personal mood-elevating message on my phone when I wake up every morning.

– The ultimate tech device not invented yet you would like?

Technical executor of all my wishes…

About QArea: QArea is the one of the largest offshore software development companies in Eastern Europe since 2001. Its primary focus is brought upon application development for handheld devices, (j2me development), Symbian, WinCE (Windows Mobile), Palm devices and related. Also, QArea cultivates strong .NET and Java development teams performing standalone and web-application development services.

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