QArea, the web development company, is nominated for Red Herring top-100 finalists.

QArea Team by QArea Team on April 20, 2017

QArea, the web development company, is nominated for Red Herring top-100 finalists.
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QArea is among Red Herring Finalists

We inform that QArea is among the Red Herring finalists. That means we are nominated to be included in Red Herring 2017 Top-100 Companies list in Europe. Participation and winning awards in such ratings means much for our team and reminds us to keep focus on the service we provide.

All our departments put their efforts together to achieve such quality of management which allows to deliver strong award-winning results. The marketing department kept in touch with the Red Herring organizers. The accounting department prepared lots of documentation which confirms our financial position. After receiving the documentation the Red Herring journalists took an interview with our CEO Max Garkavtsev while the web development department provided them with the latest updates about technologies we use.

All of this became possible due to the close cooperation of all our offices and high quality of management in every our office in the world.

Why Do We Appreciate the Red Herring Award

Red Herring’s top-100 list contains innovative companies in information technologies and life science niches. The company should work on the edge of the progress to be included to the list. This award shows that the company has high level of specialization in some particular realm, hires employees in several different countries and has enough potential to make global influence.

The rating was launched in 1996 to help international investors, executives and strategists to gather the data about the most exciting startups in Europe, Asia and both Americas. The board of rating moderators rigorously analyze every venture which might be potentially included to the list and uses a 3-step checking system to highlight all the aspects of every company they consider.

Who Usually Wins?

Different famous companies were among winners during the last several years. For example, Grammarly, which later won many other awards and became one of the fastest growing startups in California. Adly is another example of successful venture which won the Red Herring award and got 5 million dollar investment soon after that. Both of these companies provide their services worldwide and bring the new level of technologies to the daily life of millions of people.

The jury of the Red Herring rating has noticed the passion we have here in QArea. This very passion motivates our team to apply the most innovative technologies and not just to develop the software but to evoke the inspiration.

It’s appropriate to quote one of QArea front-end developers here:

“My goal is not to create a breathtaking design. Rather I endeavor to develop the interface which is not even noticed by users. People who can focus on their tasks with the highest efficiency possible without any disturbance for the user interface are the best reward. That tells me – I’m on a right way and I’m succeed in sharing my inspiration with others”.

                                                                                                                                                                        Olga S.

While QArea team keeps on working the main Red Herring contest is yet to come.

What’s Next?

The next stage is the final nomination which selects the best 100 companies from the previous winners. Thus QArea has good chance to be in Top-100 best software development companies in Europe.

The final nomination will take place in Amsterdam, by the end of April 2017 and we will keep you updated about the latest information from the event.

We hope that both the jury and our clients will choose us as one the award-winning companies which uses business opportunities to bring the technological innovation to the homes of usual people.

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