QArea Was Recognized As One of Top QA Service Providers

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on July 28, 2015

QArea Was Recognized As One of Top QA Service Providers
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As Professor Farnsworth once said: Good news, everyone! QArea just got one step closer to overall global recognition. This time we have hit big by being considered third best software testing service provider according to a research conducted by Washington, dc-based Company – Clutch. It was quite a surprise for us actually, however a pleasant one indeed. It’s always nice to get credit for hard work, especially from someone whose primary focus is determining best service deliverers. By the way, we are also listed among top Web development firms in Eastern Europe and are contenders among Enterprise software development companies globally.

QArea testing services

QArea, as a company, focuses on several core activities that are delivered as services to customers. We specialize in development of web, mobile and desktop solutions, internet marketing (SEO, SEM, SMM, etc.), design, and, of course qa services. We aim at delivering cutting-edge innovative solutions for all segments of services we deliver and it is still quite pleasing to realize we are on the same level as many industry leaders who specialize on pure QA. This means our focus on activities is working as planned and efforts of our testing teams pay off.

The research

This research conducted by Clutch was based on their Leaders Matrix methodology. Meaning they aimed to determine best providers of services by analyzing customer references, experience, served clients, marketing presence and more. Combination of al mentioned factors determines winners.

A 2×2 matrix was provided to visualize service providers. They are mapped on it based on two primary aspects: ability to deliver appropriate, high quality results and areas of service provider’s primary and secondary focus.

What do our testers have to say about the event?

I and Max were both working on our posts for as I was writing these very words. Surely we had a small chatter and I decided to ask about his opinion, after all those are the guys who earned most credit, right? So I ended interviewing him for my article.

Me: When did you find out about QArea being listed as one of top QA service deliverers?

Max: Well, it was a surprise. From what I’ve heard our marketing team got notification about QArea being present in this research in like a day before results were released. We found out even later. However I’m glad we were listed. This pretty much sums up hard work my team and other testers are doing 24/7.

Me: How’d you guys react?

Max: Well, most testers got a couple of beers after work and celebrated. After all, we have earned it. I mean success in QA is not easy especially if you are testing something developed by people from over the ocean. It’s great in terms of Black Box and all but is still hard as there’s no chance someone can explain why particular things are designed the way they are despite obvious business requirements. And, despite all challenges we always aim at delivering quality in most efficient ways. Apparently we are doing things right.