QArea Turns 21 — Meet Our Team

by Inna M. on Jun 21, 2022

This month, QArea celebrates its 21st birthday. 21 years ago, a small but highly motivated team of software developers and QA engineers got together to do what they did best — help clients turn their vision into successful software products. 

Since then, our team has grown to over 350 employees, and many of them have spent 10+ years at QArea. We asked some of them about their experience of working with us, and here is what they said.

When and why did you join QArea?

Mykola Pyvovarov, Delivery Manager: I’ve been with QArea for 14 years. I originally started as a Business Analyst, but since then, I’ve also worked as a Project Manager on all kinds of projects. I had another offer back then, but I chose QArea because I liked both the project and the team.

Olga Galchenko, Accountant: My journey at QArea started 12 years ago as an Assistant Accountant and I’ve stayed in the same department ever since, eventually becoming an Accountant. The number one reason why I came on board was the friendly and supportive team.

Leonid Yurchenko, Software Developer: I originally joined QArea as a C++ developer. That was 16 years ago, and it was my first ever job interview. Over the years, I evolved to be an iOS Team Lead, but then I realized that it wasn’t the right fit and now I’m happily working as a regular developer again.

Viktoria Berzhna, Accountant: I joined the company 9 years ago as a financial manager. During my maternity leave, I used the time to master new technologies and approaches, which gave me a career boost and allowed me to meet some amazing people at my new workplace.

Olga Matsegorova, Accountant: QArea became my first and only company to date — I joined it 10 years ago when I was 19. I was still a university student at the time but I genuinely wanted to try my hand at accounting in the IT industry, so this job was a perfect match.

Ihor Kuzmin, Full Stack Developer: My history at QArea started 12 years ago after the fastest job interview I’ve ever gone through: I was interviewed by my former coworker from a previous workplace who referred me to this position. He knew my skill set and my potential, so the desire to work together was mutual.

Yulia Polzunova, Accountant: I’ve been with QArea for 11 years and I’ve worked as an Accountant from the very beginning. I was interviewed by Olga Galchenko, Head Accountant, who said: “You’ll enjoy it here”, and, 11 years later, I can say with confidence that I do.

Mykhailo Pankov, Full Stack Developer: I’ve been working at QArea for 10 years. I knew this was the right place for me already during the interview, when every question I asked was on point and related to my future job. This is where I realized I could learn a lot here.

What is your best or funniest memory at QArea?

Leonid Yurchenko: One of the most memorable moments for me was when a pigeon flew into our room. We instantly went from being serious software engineers to acting as mischievous kids — we caught that pigeon, planted it in the room next to ours, and ran to hide so that no one knew it was us.

Olga Matsegorova: Instead of just having fun once in a while, we try and make every day fun. We are a tight-knit group that enjoys each other’s company and always has something to laugh about. It goes without saying that salary days are the most fun we ever have:D

Ihor Kuzmin: There have been a lot of fun and lovely moments in my 12+ years of working at QArea. The one I probably remember the most was my two-week trip to Los Angeles to meet an important client. To say that it’s an unforgettable experience is an understatement.

Yulia Polzunova: For me, the most lasting memory was a New Year’s Eve corporate party a few years ago. There were lots of contests with fake prize money. Whoever earned the biggest amount of money would win a major prize. So one coworker said: “Hey, Yulia, you are an accountant. Why don’t you handle the money since you’re good at it?”. After a while, other coworkers saw this and started to bring me money. Eventually, we had enough for the big prize, and that, to me, is a very telling example of teamwork.

Mykhailo Pankov: My best memory of working at QArea isn’t exactly fun, but it’s very indicative of how supportive and sincere everyone is. Back in 2018, my son encountered a medical condition that required him to be extensively tested and treated. My friends found a hospital and a doctor in Germany who agreed to take on our case, but it would cost a lot of money. I wrote to our corporate chat, and soon countless QArea employees, many of whom didn’t even know me personally, raised the necessary amount and I was able to give my son the treatment he needed.

Why did you decide to stay with QArea for so many years?

Mykola Pyvovarov: The number one reason why I continue working here, besides the opportunity to meet interesting clients, is that I regularly encounter new challenges I need to resolve and can see my solutions make a difference in the projects of our clients.

Olga Galchenko: There are two reasons why I’ve spent 12+ years at QArea and am not going anywhere. Number one is that the company is always moving forward, motivating me to do the same. Number two is our incredible team that I truly cherish.

Leonid Yurchenko: The main reason why I’m here is that me and my current client are a perfect fit in everything from the views on the tech stack to the work ethic. I’m also grateful for the loyal, understanding management that gives me the confidence to grow professionally.

Viktoria Berezhna: What we do at QArea is too personal and rewarding to be called simply “work”. This may be a cliche, but I really feel like we are not just coworkers — we are one big and happy family.

Olga Matsegorova: Some may think that accounting is boring, but when you actually work with it, you quickly realize that this is an industry that is always changing and evolving. So the need to change and evolve with it is one of the reasons why I enjoy working at QArea. The other reason is that I feel valued and loved by my team, and that is very important to me.

Ihor Kuzmin: There are several reasons why I’ve never considered leaving QArea in my 12+ years there. One of them is the effective two-way communication with the management: I can always look forward to new opportunities to showcase my professional skills. I also enjoy working with my team and the variety of interesting projects.

Yulia Polzunova: What I like the most about working at QArea and why I decided to stick around for more than 11 years is the team spirit I feel in every aspect of our work. We may all be doing our own things, but we know that we are in it together and that we can always get the help we need.

Mykhailo Pankov: In my 10 years at QArea, I grew a lot both personally and professionally. I got a second university degree, have gained valuable knowledge and experience, and am able to combine working productively on two different projects with attending to my son’s medical needs. I am grateful to QArea for these opportunities!

Final thoughts

We firmly believe that each of our 350+ employees is truly special and makes a priceless contribution to our work. We would have never gotten where we are today if it wasn’t for our amazing team members, both former and current, and we are grateful for every single one of them.



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