QArea visited by German leading content provider

QArea Team by QArea Team on March 9, 2007

QArea visited by German leading content provider
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For QArea the new 2007 began with a number of visits by foreign guests. Only since the beginning of the year the company was visited by some of our existing customers as well as those who are interested in starting cooperation with QArea specialists. For some of them it was the first trip to Ukraine and a chance to discover the beautiful country and realize their projects with Ukrainian IT professionals.

The most recent guest who payed a visit to Ukraine and Kharkiv QArea offices was Artur Kovacs, CEO of Telemedia International Holding GmbH from Munich. His company, founded in 1997, has a rather large performance spectrum: the major product portfolio of the company offers Voice Personals, consisting of Tele-Chiffre (VP1) and Lonely Hearts (VP2), lottery games (Birthday game/Bid Low), Mobile Entertainment proposals and diverse SMS flirt concepts as well as the classical SMS teletext chat and interactive TV formats. Telephone and SMS value added services are mainly provided for German and Austrian publishers, teletext providers and TV channels.

Artur’s trip consisted of 2 parts. First of all he visited Kiev, the capital of our country, where he had a number of business meetings with Ukrainian mobile operators, content providers and TV channels. These meetings were aimed at establishing partner relations with the key industry players. The primary interest of Artur’s company here is the launch of its services in Ukraine, localization of the programmes for Ukrainian users and the establishment of teletext systems for Ukrainian TV stations.

The second part of Artur’s business trip to Ukraine was intended to meet Ukrainian IT specialists from QArea. Here he met Inna Tyutyunnikova, Head of Mobile Department and seemed to remain satisfied with the productive discussion he had with Inna and her colleagues as they agreed to keep further contact with our specialists. Apart from localization, Artur’s company is interested in the launch of mobile online games and is in search of development partners. Since our company is a real expert in this area, we hope for successful continuation of the story!

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