QArea Visited openSUSE 2013 Conference to Gain the Best Experience!

QArea Team by QArea Team on July 24, 2013

QArea Visited openSUSE 2013 Conference to Gain the Best Experience!

The openSUSE 2013 Conference was held in Thessaloniki, Greece from 18th till 22nd of July.

A plethora of bright IT specialists from all over the world, both known SUSE leaders and freshmen, were discussing the ways and methods of nowadays open source coding. The openSUSE Conference took place in the Olympic Museum and as ancient gods taught people wisdom, modern gods and geniuses of coding taught attendees the secrets of efficient coding and management. The keynotes were openSUSE founders Henne Vogelsang and Lars Vogdt along with a pleiad of others.

What Was the Conference All About? Nobody doubts open coding offers incredible possibilities and unbelievable benefits. However, it should be used wisely and correctly in order to use the full potential of the process. As this requires both coding and project management skills, a plenty of workshops discovered multiple aspects of openSUSE usage along with lessons on becoming a successful speaker. Latest news and hints on popular IT topics, such as USB 3.x, Ruby on Rails coding, Linux software like Puppet, coding auto tools and much, much more were taught and discussed:

  • openSUSE as the best Linux enterprise,
  • Evangelizing Linux Desktop and promoting it worldwide,
  • introducing several openSUSE projects like coordinator program, etc.,
  • perspectives and future of using open source coding,
  • efficient tools for coding automation like Puppet and LPI labs,
  • cutting-edge technologies of tomorrow used today (Marble, Raspberry Pi, etc.),
  • Libre Office today and tomorrow.

Why Did QArea Representatives attend the openSUSE 2013?

Our project manager and senior PHP developer attended the conference and were impressed by the scale and the density of the event as the schedule was quite tight. They brought back a ton of new knowledge and guides upon the most popular and demanded open source coding. We are sure learning this information will result in leveling the skills of our team, resulting in better quality of the services provided to our customers.

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