QArea Visits Main Computer Graphics Event of Year

QArea Team by QArea Team on September 29, 2006

QArea Visits Main Computer Graphics Event of Year

Our company QArea, in particular Time4Design – design department of QArea, took part in ‘CG-event’ conference – main Computer Graphics Event of this year. It occurred on September 9-10, 2006 in Moscow, Russia.

CG-event conference‘CG-Event’ attracted adherents of digital design and digital art and professionals from related businesses. The most precious thing about this conference is real communication with real experts, sharing experience, introduction of new design technologies and concepts, making new professional contacts.

In a few words, this event agglomerates:

  • dozens of professionals in different CG areas – from 3d-animators and artists to producers and cinema company owners;
  • tons of insanely expensive hardware and software;
  • Russian know-how solutions and richest experience from all over the world.

All of that is CG EVENT.

The aim of the conference is to get together computer graphics professionals, and people, who are just interested in digital art, for Experience and Ideas Exchange – art ideas, tech ideas, crazy ideas, anything.

The scientific program of the Conference included lectures and presentations on the most popular topics. The presentations were not just about technical stuff. They covered art side of the process also. Practical review of exhibitions, presentations from the leading world-class artists, works showcases and discussions – this was the conference main coverage.

The event was not limited with only tech and art aspects of computer graphics. Goal of the conference is to track down different parallels, which appear while creating digital works: interaction of 2d and 3d; digital pen tablets and real brush; modeling and sculpture; cinema and games.

The Conference agenda included:

  • Weta Digital projects. A detailed lecture about a famous studio from New Zealand.
  • ‘Daywatch’ panel discussion. Technologies and secrets of the complex project management.
  • Financial issues in cinema, advertisement and game industries.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean. The legend of Jack Sparrow. Cut-scenes creation aspects for company Bethesda Softworks by license Disney Buena Vista Games.
  • At CG-Event-2006, for the first time there was presented Robots domestic system. It was designed for crowd scene generation and management. Creation of 3D crowd scene, artificial intelligence, final visualization etc.
  • and many other topics.

Among speakers we name:

Sergey Nevshupov (Weta Digital, New Zealand). Technical Director. Timur Bekmambetov (director of ‘Nightwatch’, ‘Daywatch’) Alexander Gorohov (Bazelevs Production) VFX supervisor on ‘Daywatch’ Andrei Mesnyankin (POSTPRODUCTION.RU studio, Saint-Petersburg) Art-director of the studio and vfx supervisor on ‘Daywatch’ project. Ruslan Ogorodnik (Terminal-FX studio, Kyiv, Ukraine) Director and founder of the studio Alexander Podgorny (Minsk, Belarus) Drawing artist Hyung-jun Kim & Eun hee Choi (Republic of Korea) and others…

About Time4Design: Time4Design is a design department of QArea, a privately owned software development company that provides a wide range of services for clients who value high quality and style. Having strong support in software development and testing Time4Design is focused on professional web, graphics, multi-media, and GUI design solutions that can please the taste of each and single client either individual or corporate.

About QArea: QArea is a group of mobile software development experts united by the common ambition to provide offshore outsourcing services at the highest level. Today we are regarded the largest PDA and mobile software development provider in Eastern Europe. QArea’s major activity is concentrated around software development for Windows CE / Windows Mobile, Symbian and J2ME.