QArea’s impressions of visiting Drupal CxO Day in London

QArea Team by QArea Team on March 11, 2014

QArea’s impressions of visiting Drupal CxO Day in London
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QArea’s CEO Maksym Garkavtsev has visited Drupal CxO Day held on February 28, 2014, at the City University London. This one-day event was held as a part of DrupalCamp 2014 in London lasting from 28th of February till 2nd of March.

Who were present?

The event was organized for business leaders who provide Drupal development services, such as web development agencies, training companies and others. Every single company could register 2-3 people for participation. Anyone from a company whose main activity is Drupal could attend the event. Freelancers and smaller companies were also present.

What was the idea?

Drupal CxO Day aimed to connect Drupal executives for sharing best practices and holding discussions. It focused on the specific issues and opportunities that Drupal business owners face in their companies. QArea, one of the leading outsourcing development companies, had the possibility to share its experience and has discovered plenty of useful tips to stay relevant, to collaborate and compete in a fast moving market, to capture tools for generating value for the business.

The main idea was creating a global network of Drupal shops who wish to intense collaboration with each other, to form a framework for key players in other Drupal markets to share best practices in Drupal business development.

Discussed topics

The topics of the speeches were as follows:

  • “Getting your teams ready for Drupal 8” (by Gábor Hojtsy)
  • “Integrating user experience (UX) feedback into projects” (by Giles Colborne)
    “The role of the Business Analyst” (by James Dodd & Ed Weatherby)
  • “The benefits of supporting the community” (by Megan Sanicki)
  • “Code Club” (by Paul Johnson)
  • “Selling the benefits of Drupal to business, not the goddamn features” (Jeffrey A. “jam” McGuire)

What was special about the format?

The event consisted of two parts. It started at 9AM with registration and breakfast. During the first half of the day the participants had been listening to several brilliant speeches given by experienced professionals. They shared advice, tips and their unique ideas. After their reports everyone enjoyed the lunch.

Following lunch, the event changed its format completely and was transformed to the interactive meeting. The attendees were asked to share the issues concerning them. After collecting these responses the moderators had chosen people who could help resolve these questions, to identify and facilitate solutions. The free open talks encouraged everyone to contribute to the discussion. Drupal CxO Day had finished at 4PM with drinks reception open to all.

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