QArea’s Newest Victory: We’ve Hit World’s Top Ten of Software App Testing Firms!

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on July 29, 2015

QArea’s Newest Victory: We’ve Hit World’s Top Ten of Software App Testing Firms!
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Once again QArea has proven to be one of world’s leading companies in the industry of software outsourcing. This time – according to a study conducted by Clutch a well-known Washington-based research firm. This report was published on July 22, 2015 and was aimed to deliver information about top QA service providers. According to Clutch the research was based on a methodology that leverages proprietary Leaders Matrix.

QArea is positioned third among top ten leading testing and QA outsourcing and offshoring providers. This event was both a pleasant surprise to our team and a tinkering bell that has once again proven we are headed in the right direction.

The research

Many firms all over the globe offer advanced software testing and QA, QC solutions. Some have more experience; others have better skills, while third ones are better equipped. Many businesses combine these and other advantages.

I’ve mentioned that the Leaders Matrix was used to fuel the research. It’s a proprietary methodology aimed at clear and precise identification of top service providers. Leaders Matrix methodology of research is focused on any businesses actual ability to deliver specific kinds of services. This includes:

  • Analysis of references and reviews. Feedback from actual clients is a vital component of any research of such sort and experts from Clutch could not underestimate its value. For precise measures series of qualitative and quantitative measures were included such as:
    • Quality of delivered solutions
    • Cost of services
    • Timing in delivery
    • Willingness to refer
  • Marketing presence. This part of the research was based on sets of questions answers to which guided experts towards making appropriate decisions. Questions like:
    • Actual marketing presence related matters like whether all info about a particular company is represented in a professional manner? Does that information inspire confidence in clients? Do corresponding websites provide clear answers to customers and do they display clear portfolios or other examples of previous projects?
    • Presence in social media determines whether any particular service provider is reinforcing both domain authority and brand awareness.
    • Reputation: How’s any firms reputation in chosen sectors of services doing? Are all statements self-proclaimed or are they present in other, independent media sources?
  • Former customers and actual experience. Many businesses are simply not fit for certain tasks thus portfolios must be evaluated to determine skills, resources and expertise particular service providers are capable of delivering. This matter is being proven by verification of such indicators as:
    • Who the firm delivered services to: large brands with global recognition, a bit less sophisticated clients, young startups or a combination of all mentioned above?
    • Actual experience: based on case studies experience is easily determinable and depth of skills and abilities may be showcased, especially when such case studies prove complex solutions of finest quality were delivered.
    • Focus proof point: ability is not all; it has to align with both company’s core focus and stated sets of services.

Apparently we, at QArea had it all covered (or almost everything as QA is in fact one of our core activities, yet is not all we do). What can I say? It’s great to be appreciated!