QArea’s PHP Departement visited the 5th Dutch PHP Conference

QArea Team by QArea Team on May 27, 2011

QArea’s PHP Departement visited the 5th Dutch PHP Conference
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May 19-21, 2011 the representative of QArea’s PHP Departement visited the fifth Dutch PHP Conference ( that took place in Amsterdam, the Netherland. The leading keywords of this conference were – Know-how, Best Practices, Tips & Tricks, Technology and Networking.

The organizer of the Dutch PHP Conference is Harrie Verveer, Software Engineer at Ibuildings, the Hague Area, Netherlands.

The Dutch PHP Conference is considered to be the largest PHP Conference in Europe. This event provides professional PHP developers with 2 jam-packed days of perfect technical talks and moreover a tutorial day along with in-depth workshops by someone of the leading experts and a conference social.

The 2 days conference on PHP and associated with it technologies represented manifold tracks and included the following key topics:

  • Clean PHP code
  • Large-scale data processing with PH
  • OOP (Object Oriented Patterns) in the PHP domain
  • Developing and employment of PHP applications of high performance
  • Effect of HTML5 on developers of PHP
  • Agile processes and methodologies in respect of PHP-based software projects
  • Concepts and tools to optimize the optimization of PHP applications
  • Deployment of strong cryptography in PHP
  • Geolocation information usage with PHP
  • Practises of domain-driven design in PHP
  • 2011 releases of chief PHP frameworks

During a pre-conference tutorial day that held on 19 of May, were presented seven in-depth tutorials.