QArea’s Testing Manager Becomes Finalist of The European Software Testing Awards 2020

Anna Khrupa by Anna Khrupa on January 4, 2021

QArea’s Testing Manager Becomes Finalist of The European Software Testing Awards 2020

Victoria Voloshina, Senior Quality Assurance Associate at QArea, is a finalist of the Testing Manager of the Year award.

Deloitte European Software Testing Awards are aimed at rewarding companies and individual professionals for extraordinary achievements in the industry of software testing and quality assurance. This year, hard work and dedication brought global recognition to one of our team members, Victoria Voloshina, who has been nominated in the Testing Manager of The Year category.

Evaluating the nominees for the Best Testing Manager of 2020, judges from the European Software Testing Awards commission were looking for:

  • Outstanding personal management and communication skills
  • Efficient leadership proven by on-project achievements and reached deliverables;
  • Proactive commitment to the software testing community and industry;
  • Abidance by QA industry best practices and highest standards;
  • Application of suitable procedures to the project management operations;
  • Self-learning and sincere dedication to the QA project under supervision.

Having been working with Victoria for 13 years by now, we can surely state that with her professional effort, she goes above and beyond the aforementioned qualities. Victoria’s ability to create a positive atmosphere inside the team, motivate employees to grow as professionals, and keep the team focused on the long-term value they all bring to the project make her a truly irreplaceable member of QArea’s team. Furthermore, Victoria Voloshina’s love for innovation and curious mind that thrives in challenging environments have inspired her to come up with unique team management and testing practices that later were adopted throughout the company.

It is an honor for our company to work with experts like Victoria Voloshina. Thank you for being part of our team, contributing to our success, growing with us, and helping us grow! Let’s rock the upcoming year with even more achievements in the Quality Assurance industry together!


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