Real Software declares of Real Studio 2011

QArea Team by QArea Team on December 8, 2011

Real Software declares of Real Studio 2011
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15 of March 2011 Real Software, the creator of cross-platform and object-oriented software development tools for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and the web, announced the 2011 first release of Real Studio, its flagship product. The new 2011 Release 1 for both the Desktop and the Web Editions includes 35 new features, 114 improvements, along with mostly simplified web application deployment capabilities and new support Microsoft SQL Server for ameliorated performance and more friendly deployment.

13 years ago Real Studio was released to help software developers to build a wide range of applications, staring with utilities to enterprise-class programs. Along with 2011 Release 1, Real Software assists developers to utilize web applications much easier and faster with a new option CGI which automatically produces a Perl script and operates as a gateway between the application and the web server. This new product includes a native and new Microsoft SQL Server plug-in that provides better performance and easier deployment.

Features of Real Studio 2011 Release

The following new features which based on feedback of the large Real Studio community have been attached to improve usability:

  • New Microsoft SQL Server support. There have been added a new, native Microsoft SQL Server plug-in for improved performance and easier deployment. This plug-in supports only Windows.
  • Easier use of web applications. The new CGI option produces a Perl script which operates as a gateway between the web application and the web server.
  • Improved uploading of web application file. Now there is an opportunity to limit the number of files that can be uploaded by user and there have been also added new events that allow users to identify when a file has been removed or added.
  • Multiuser support for Real SQL Database. A new Multiuser property is now available in RealSQLDatabase. That empowers web applications to let multiple users to get access to a RealSQLDatabase file simultaneously. This may remove the need, for some web applications to demand a database server.
  • Improved web application JavaScript error handling. If there appears an error in the customer-side JavaScript, it is presented a dialog that provides the consumer an option to send error message to web application. This data is acquired by an event then the developer may fulfil to log this info.
  • Perfected drag and drop. The new property of DragPicture allows the usage of an image for dragging. Universal Type Identifiers (UTIs) are also supported by drag and drop now on Mac OS X.
  • Improved HTMLViewer. Now the HTMLViewer supports setting and getting custom user agent strings and decreasing/increasing the font size.
  • Improved web application exclusion handling. There is now an unhandled exclusion event in the session class that facilitates to trap exceptions which were not handled in code.
  • Improved WebListBox. Now The WebListBox just like the desktop Listbox, has a CellClick event. It provides much greater control over the behaviour and look of cells as well as Colum and Cell Style properties.
  • Improved Cocoa support. A great number of improvements to Real Studio’s Cocoa framework are included to the release, ameliorating compatibility for more projects.
  • Improved supports of Mac OS X. Now Uniform Type Identifiers are supported on Mac OS X by the Clipboard class for more facile identification of clipboard data.
  • Perfected Database support. There are running SQL commands that are in thread now are optional by means of a property. The performance may be improved by turning this off, but this is not recommended in a web application.

As to availability Real Studio 2011 Release 1 is now available to all new and present Real Software clients.