6 Compelling Reasons to Choose Ruby and Ruby on Rails

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on June 24, 2013

6 Compelling Reasons to Choose Ruby and Ruby on Rails
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6 Compelling Reasons to Choose Ruby and Ruby on Rails1. Aggressive web development market.

Recently the web development market has met a huge growth, as well as the competition has. Ruby on Rails development allows a developer to carry out orders much faster helping to reduce man-hours and costs significantly. Thanks to this developers can do more work or orders for the same amount of time and lower the price without compromising the quality of work.

2. Rather large, thriving community.

We have to admit that the Ruby community is not as great as that of Python and especially the PHP’s one. However, the professionalism of the community members is impressive. Do not rush to where there are more people, strive to where the people are better. Do not follow the well-known but a little rephrased proverb: “Ten billion flies can’t be wrong, there is something in PHP.”

3. A huge number of libraries and code.

At the moment, Ruby is provided with large number of libraries to work with third-party tools, such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, SQLite and other databases, various web and non-web servers, libraries for graphics, sound, video, etc. Ruby is not just a scripting language, it’s a full-fledged programming language. At the moment, the community has created more than 900,000 GEMs (so called Ruby’s add-ins), which speed up and simplify the development, because you might have a problem someone has already solved before, there is a 99.99% probability that the decision of this person is much better than what you could offer. It is worth to mention that there are multitude of GEMs and plug-ins designed specifically for Rails, which, again, helps you saving the time to develop and reinventing the wheel.

4. It is Rails!

Ruby on Rails, or just RoR is the most popular Ruby-framework for Web applications development. Most programmers are jealous of those having such a powerful and at the same time simple tool. One should not forget who is the Rails’ developer!

5. Ruby is not just Rails!

It often seems to beginners that Rails is the only advantage of Ruby over PHP, Perl, Python and Java. Actually it is not true! Ruby is used in administration, prototyping, research, in game development and various applications as a scripting language, etc. Ruby is used by the following companies: Microsoft, HP, NASA, Cisco, etc.

6. Ruby 1.9!

Ruby is not perfect and its main drawback was the low performance and high volume of consumed resources. With each new version Ruby was optimized and struggled with its shortcomings, and in version 1.9 we can see a lot of significant improvements. For example, Ruby 1.9 has overtaken the performance of PHP, Perl, Python3, leaving ahead only Python 2. Ruby 1.9 has proved to be more convenient, reasonable and fast.