The Reasons Why You Need the Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on September 13, 2013

The Reasons Why You Need the Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch
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You still don’t have a Samsung Galaxy Gear? Get one. It can bring a huge productivity enhancement.

Samsung announced its Galaxy Gear smartwatch, powered by Android with a dual-core processor. It is not a toy. Smartwatches can improve your productivity. Here are following reasons you need one.

Control center for your phone and tablet

If you think your smartwatch is an autonomous device, you are wrong. It’s not. It is a command central for your smartphone, tablets, and your PC as well. Originally smartwatches are designed to connect to smartphones and tablets. It will allow you to connect to and control many of their productivity apps.

Good for emails, and social media updates

With a smartwatch, you only need a quick glance to check a message, email or update. It will take just a second or two. You don’t have to take out your phone out every single time it rings or vibrates; it is just a time-killer action.

They are the best when you’re stuck somewhere

If you are stuck on meeting or somewhere else same time-consuming event; while you’re listening to people, your working and personal life goes on without you. Using a smartphone to check notifications and email is a serious mistake. Than it is time to use a smartwatch. You can easily glance at your watch without anyone noticing, and in that way keep up with what’s really important.

They can eventually become the device equivalent of cloud-based IT management

Before there were pagers to alert you if something urgent happens. That has been replaced by mobile apps and the cloud. Eventually, that may go to smartwatches, that will do more than just send alerts.

Great enhancement of your personal life

Personal and work lives are so intertwisted. That means that improving your personal life means improving your work life. If you’re in great physical state, you’ll be ill less often, and be able to work harder, longer, having better results.

The Samsung Galaxy Gear came up with plenty of tools for those who care about their fitness, including a built-in heart rate monitor and apps for tracking your weight, calorie intake, and for devising the best workout for you. So using smartwatch can save your time and make you a lot more productive at work, while improving your personal life.

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