Reducing The Load Speed Of Your WordPress Blog

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on January 20, 2014

Reducing The Load Speed Of Your WordPress Blog

WordPress blog load speedWordPress is a great powerful blogging platform providing a huge amount of possibilities. However, many face the problems with loading speed of WordPress websites. And it may cause losing your visitors or customers who are usually quite impatient and they would better look for some other resource to find what they need.

Let us take a look at several ways to speed up WordPress loading.

1. Use caching plugin

The pages will load much faster if they are cached as they do not need to be generated every time. Try W3 Total Cache plugin, it is simple to install and provides all the necessary features.

2. Manage comments

You should regularly clear spam comments if you receive them in order your database not to get slowed down with tons of them.

3. Optimize your database

It can be done manually with the help of phpMyAdmin or by using special plugins which will do all the job for you. For instance, the WP-Optimize plugin will take care of spam, tables, post revisions, drafts etc.

4. Optimize images

Images sometimes cause really long loading. You should choose carefully the size and the format of images. For logos 8-bit PNG is all right, and for high resolution pictures use JPG or PNG-24. Use can use a plugin which automatically optimizes images when being uploaded such as WP-Smushit.

5. Use light themes

Default solid WordPress themes/frameworks are always faster. Try Thesis Theme framework, it provides quick page loads and, therefore, a speedy site.

6. Review and minify the code

Before serving your site to visitors it is better to look through the code and remove all the whitespaces and tabs from HTML, CSS and Javascript. These are used in order to make the code human-readable, but servers and browsers only care about validity of the code but not what it looks like. plugins like W3 Total Cache or WP-Minify are good for that purpose.

7. Optimize the homepage

As it is the most important and the most viewed page of your website you have to ensure that it loads quickly enough. Things you can do here are:
– Hide long posts and show the excerpts;
– Decrease the number of posts;
– Reduce the number of widgets including sharing widgets, include them in full posts;
– Minimize all the unnecessary data except for the content.
In general, the homepage design should be clean and simple, not only will it be easier to grasp by visitors but also will reduce the load speed.

8. Limit the number of plugins

Regardless all the plugins we’ve advised you here for optimizing the load time of the WordPress site, one of the most popular reasons WordPress might load for a long time is using too many plugins. There are necessary plugins and those that are actually useless. You can test your site’s performance with different plugins being deactivated and choose the optimal combination. Also, make sure that your plugins are up to date. If possible, use plugins designed for your framework or theme.

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