Required ‘Before I Go For Development’ Knowledge

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on April 3, 2015

Required ‘Before I Go For Development’ Knowledge
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The mobile application development industry is growing at supersonic speeds hover not every project is born to succeed just because it’s an iOS or Android app. In fact, most development projects around the world are failing before even going live. It’s just some data that is not as massively spread as new startup and business successes from this industry.

However none of written above by any circumstances mean you should not even try. It’s just success is long and careful work rather than a bright idea and a well-chosen platform. Most of your apps future depends on your planning and strategy skills. This is a checklist of things you should be aware of and prepared to before the development process begins.

Have you decided on the future budget?

$10K is seemingly the minimal price you will be paying for application development. A by minimal I do mean minimal, without all the fancy things those cool kids have and users love. $20K is closer to a nice and meaningful application price for the code and then there are designers and marketers and many other people you are not really aware of are all over the place doing some fancy things who are throwing their charts and diagrams at you involved.

Then again, you may go for outsourcing services where there are service providers already equipped with just the right people. This will save you some hiring and tax and insurance expanses, and the coding and testing itself may tend to be cheaper. However that will still cost you a decent sum of money.

30% of application development processes around the world are not being finished due lack of budget. So you surely require some stable way of cash income so you can afford expanses, fortunately today we are provided with many services backing up great development ideas and then again there are always banks, however my point here would be: it doesn’t matter where the money is coming from, you should be prepared to the fact you will need a round sum. And you should be confident in your income before investing otherwise you may waste a lot of money and that would be sad.

Treat your contract wisely

You should be sure that people who will be doing development for you will not just fade as morning mist straight after your app is launched. The contract parties will be signing should involve every single aspect you would like the service providers or the development team to do after the application is in the market like support or patching and so on and so forth. If you would love to see any different team responsible for maintenance, you should decide on who will they be and arrange deals with them before development begins rather than when you have released and are left all alone with your users complaining on some particular feature or defect.

By the may maintenance is not all your contract or contracts should consider. Be sure all technical and non-technical roles are defined in a clear and understandable manner for everybody involved in your application project. Terms and conditions should be equally fare to all involved parties. Contract negotiations are not a battlefield and there will be no winners. Sure you may push people to agreeing on conditions that are better aimed on your needs and preferences however you are thus ruining the entire workflow with irritation and other negative emotions from people who should appreciate working with you. This way gets both parties nowhere.

Also, you should be aware on how will you be making money with your app before considering developing it

First important thing to notice that rising a price is fairly more difficult than lowering it for many reasons. The second important thing is that markets are also charging their 30% per download, so if your business model is earning money on downloads go for something around $1.99 thus earning more than 1 dollar from an application downloaded. You may considering lowering your price afterwards if needed. Sure there are seasonal discounts and other nice presents you are giving away but experience shows that price reduction does increase downloads however it barely affects your overall revenue.

Or there are other business models you may consider to earn on like a free app with advertisements or in-app purchases or whatever. Thing will only work if your entire business strategy occurring revenues is baked up and ready before development.

Just go for it!

You will never win unless you try it. By the way, if you are interested in more materials on what should you be doing afterwards like tips on best iTunes descriptions, or how spam is easily avoided or how to hit on main pages in the press – please note that in the comment section and I will be rushing to you with a fast response.