Responsive: A Brief Reminder Of What You Will Be Facing!

QArea Team by QArea Team on March 11, 2015

Responsive: A Brief Reminder Of What You Will Be Facing!
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Why move?

Your website should be mobile friendly. There is no discussion required as people in Google have already decided all that for you. As you have probably heard new search rules are coming up this April hence the question of investing into a responsive website is no longer a question. Surely the path will not be easy but the result is worth every second and penny you have invested into moving towards something that is more mobile friendly.

So even if all that info about more than 50% of users are surfing web via mobile devices and other stuff everybody’s aware of left aside we will still have lots of delicious bonuses you would absolutely love. Here are just a couple to name:


  • You will reduce maintenance costs as there is but one website you have to maintain. All of your content is the same on any device while the layout is the only actual thing that changes. This means bugs will be fixed and updates will be made everywhere after just one change (figuratively speaking).
  • Same content on all devices allows better user experience. Your users will know what to look and where to look for it straight from the start which is an excellent addition to your branding efforts.
  • By the way, Branding also wins from responsive web design. Keeping a successful brand identity is easier with same layout, same colors, and same things catching people’s attention. You will not require any third party involvement to design everything you have on desktop, mobile, etc.
  • No redirections required, load time is decreased and so on and so forth.

Although there are still challenges you should be prepared for when moving to a responsive Web Design of your page. Prepare for the:


  • A phone is still different from a PC. You need to be prepared to face the bitter truth that nothing will work equally great on all devices. It will work good or even better that whatever you already have (maybe) but the result will still be far from perfection. Well you do have just one code, though devices will understand it differently.
  • User scenarios may differ as people might be interested in different products you have to offer. One way may be easy from a desktop while the other requires mobility and you can never predict which way your users will take.
  • Building a responsive website takes longer that more traditional ways of development.
  • Scalable images might lose some details.
  • Nav menus are always a pain to design properly.
  • Old browsers may not recognize some of your media queries you are bond to use while developing a responsive website.

However, despite all the potential pitfalls that may await you on your way to developing the ultimate page for your purposes Responsive is more like a necessity today and hence is worth every investment.

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