RIM appeals for report of PlayBook’s demise “pure fiction”

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on October 1, 2011

RIM appeals for report of PlayBook’s demise “pure fiction”
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This Thursday Research in Motion said that it stays committed to the tablet market and the PlayBook tablet, discounting the report of the analyst who said the end of the device is inevitable.

“It is said that the BlackBerry PlayBook” – RIM spokeslady Marisa Conway emailed to Reuter. “RIM is committed to the future of QNX in its platform and also the tablet market.”

PlayBook runs QNX operating system and is expected to be the main OS in RIM`s smartphone release.

RIM’s pronouncement came after analyst John Vihn, Collins Stewart said in his note: “We think that RIM has stopped production of the PlayBook and actively regarded existing tablet market.”

Two weeks ago RIM said that it has intended to represent undated software for the PlayBook at the conference in October. This updates would let to run simply in the device, amid other things.

RIM narrated that PlayBook sales are getting worth. In the second 200,000 devices were shipped and in the first – 500,000, considering only the first fiscal period the device was accessible for two months.

As Vihn marked, PlayBook had interest to many observers, given the decrease to the recent layoff of workers at a Quanta Computer factory that produced the tablets and in PlayBook shipments.

Last month, Hewlett-Packard also said about the plans to kill the TouchPad that had started selling in July.