RIM introduces a new BBM Social Platform and Super Apps

QArea Team by QArea Team on December 8, 2011

RIM introduces a new BBM Social Platform and Super Apps
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Research In Motion has declared that they will open the doors to the third party developers with BlackBerry Messenger. Now developers may have the access necessary so as to integrate BBM into the applications and take advantage of all social aspects of BBM. As it has been noticed with other apps for example Twitter for BlackBerry integration in the OS plays a significant part on the BlackBerry platform.

RIM announced BlackBerry Messenger Social Platform

Now developers have the opportunity to utilize the power of Social Interactions in their applications. Research In Motion declared the BlackBerry Messenger Social Platform thus providing developers with the tools to create applications which benefit from the social aspects of the well known BBM service.

The BlackBerry developers have been looking forward to the possibility to integrate BlackBerry Messenger within their applications. BBM is well known service that contains of over 28 million users and it provides incredible opportunities of launching its real-time social connectivity to third party apps. Thanks to access to BBM services from within applications, gaming will be revolutionized, multimedia experiences enhanced and it will allow to add a new dimension to applications that are location based.

Developers will have the opportunity to integrate different functions of the BlackBerry Messenger service into the applications including content sharing, invitations and chat capabilities. For instance, users will have a chance to offer their BBM friends to join them to play a game and during the game is being played to chat with each other.

The other BlackBerry Messenger functionalities that are accessible to developers via the BBM Social Platform comprises of:

  • Application specific communities allow users to make BBM friend groups particular for an application.
  • Contact list give users an opportunity to choose from their BBM contacts within other app to initiate social interactions for example initiating or chatting game play.
  • Data Transfer let users to transfer audio, video, pictures and other staff directly from the application to the BBM groups or contacts Invitations. It also gives users an opportunity to invite new friends to BBM, offer their friends to download an application or interact within and accept invitations, and all this within an application.
  • BBM user profile this application allows to insert application status updates to the BBM profile of the user that can be downloaded or launched from BBM by the consumer’s friends.

Via the BBM Social Platform, Research In Motion provides the BlackBerry developer community with the possibility to utilize the power of BBM in their own apps so as to assist drive loyalty to the applications by means of community and social interactions, and also extend discoverability of the applications via peer referrals and communications. The BBM Social Platform has been already testing as a part of an opening access program by some BlackBerry Alliance members.

With the new BBM Social Platform users will have the opportunity to connect with colleagues and friends and share music. It will also be available to create a ground breaking social eReading experience with the new BBM. The other function the BBM will allow users to bring innovative social features to games which offer friends to play together.

Navigation, mapping and telmap’s search solutions have got a great success for recent years and appeared to be very popular within users of BlackBerry smartphone.

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