Ruby vs Golang Comparison: Which is the Best Solution?

QArea Team by QArea Team on January 4, 2018

Ruby vs Golang Comparison: Which is the Best Solution?
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The fast growth of software application development is not a question of popularity alone, but a real opportunity to profoundly improve the business process of any industry.  Get ahead right away by choosing the perfect programming stack that you will use while creating an excellent software solution. Below, we compare Golang vs Ruby, the most notable programming languages of the recent years.

Ruby vs Golang: performance

The key principles of Golang development are simplicity and productivity. Go is very fast to learn, easily readable by developers, and has a simple, intuitive syntax. Rob Pike, one of the leading authors of Go, assures that the language was specially created to simplify the development process and to achieve results faster.

Ruby was also designed with a focus on simplicity and productivity. Moreover, its fans call it a beautiful, artful language. Both Ruby and Golang were influenced by the C-family programming languages, are relatively young, and yet have taken over the hearts and minds of not only programmers but also the people who make business decisions.

Golang programming is ideal for solving both simple and complex, multi-threaded tasks, which isn’t strange at all. Google designed this language to cover its particular coding needs, which tend to be huge. Meanwhile, Ruby is ideal for creating tiny commercial projects, blogs, and personal pages thanks to the popular Ruby on Rails framework. However, for complex solutions, Ruby is not very appropriate. Its performance speed is somewhat low, which might affect the general satisfaction of demanding customers. The performance data, as shown in this benchmark, leads us to the fact that, given equivalent environments, Golang projects run faster than the similar projects written on Ruby.

Ruby vs Golang: community

According to the reputable Tiobe index and Stackoverflow survey, Golang is one of the most fast-growing, loved, and requested programming languages of the recent years, compared to the Ruby which has become less popular in the last couple of years.

Ruby was created by one person. Go was designed by Google with its extensive cloud infrastructures, supportive community, forums, tutorials, and, most importantly, additional libraries that help the language to move forward. Furthermore, Go is preferred by a number of significant companies like Docker, BBC, SoundCloud, Facebook, Dropbox, and even Medium. This is also a guarantee of Go’s further growth on the IT market. In contrast, Ruby was chosen by such great companies as Twitter, Shopify, Crunchbase, etc.

Ruby vs Golang: compatibility

Integrating the programming languages with the other software stack can directly affect how fast new solutions, features, or improvements can be added to the existing program.

Thanks to the natural compatibility of Go with other languages (especially with C-family languages), many programmers use Golang even in a bundle with different stacks like Python&Go or PHP&Go to improve general app performance. Also, Go interacts with almost all popular and rare databases as a server-side language. As for Ruby, its compatibility is limited only to the most popular ones.

Ruby vs Golang: development experience

Our team has been developing for many years in both languages. Each of them has its pros and cons.

Based on our experience, Golang is perfect both for backend systems of any size and highly-scalable network servers. Go is a modern and competitive language. It provides you with fast and high-quality performance, clean environments, and good compatibility with other technologies. Ruby is useful if you need rapid result delivery, and if the quality of performance is not that important. The choice depends on your final goals.

We hope that our mini guide has been useful to you, and you enjoyed this overview. Likewise, we recommend reading our other comparisons and see who won the battle between Golang vs Node.JS and Golang vs Python. Moreover, QArea’s CTO and Go’s enthusiast — Maks Kuharenko, prepared for you Top-15 resources and sites to learn Golang from.

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