Searching for 3G Value Added Services

QArea Team by QArea Team on December 8, 2011

Searching for 3G Value Added Services
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Telecommunication market in Ukraine has been recently demonstrating dynamic growth and high saturation of events. Last year the company Ukrainian Telesystems started to develop the first Ukrainian 3G network under PEOPLEnet brand. For the moment the operator’s services are already available for the citizens of Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk, Odessa and Kharkov.

On March 26 during the Mobile Monday event in Kiev the representatives of Ukrainian Telesystems presented the company business-strategy for the nearest 2 years. Investments to the company’s development amount to $180 mln and till the end of 2008 Ukrainian Telesystems is planning to deploy its network in all the cities of the country acquiring the status of the national operator in CDMA 2000 standard. The representatives of PEOPLEnet see the operator’s main advantage comparing to GSM-operators in the possibility of broadband Internet access as well as the launch of innovative value added services within their network.

PEOPLEnet specialists are perfectly aware that telecom industry doesn’t tolerate passive attitude to forward-looking solutions. During the conference the company presented collaboration conditions with content providers as well as the terms of connection to the network of PEOPLEnet. One of the novelties presented by the young operator is a possibility to use BREW platform allowing the operator to provide value added services in CDMA 2000 standard, while the subscribers will be able to download “heavy” content faster. This platform is not supported in GSM networks and will be launched in Ukraine for the first time.

QArea, the company that supports Mobile Monday Ukraine events, is a certified BREW developer and has been engaged in BREW applications and games development and porting for foreign companies operating in 3G networks. QArea mobile department specialists forecast that BREW-applications will soon find their followers both in entertainment and business areas. According to Roman Razuvaev, QArea Project Manager, multiplayer games and online communities will soon enjoy wide popularity and take their place in Ukrainian VAS market:

Multiplayer games is an absolutely new market for content providers since such games will be in demand even among those who already have plenty of any other games. User communities can be used as a new sales channel for multiplayer games. Moreover, spots of access to the server with multiplayer online games in airports, at railway stations, subway and any other places, where people have to wait long, will become points of sale for these games.

3G VAS market is only starting to develop in Ukraine and the success of its development directly depends on innovative strategic solutions. At the Mobile Monday Ukraine conference PEOPLEnet claimed about their readiness to cooperate and develop together with all the content providers who offer non-trivial solutions and absolutely new view on VAS market: “3G is not just a technology, it is a new approach to business and partnership!”

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