Security Development Conference: Following the Proven Security Development Practices!

QArea Team by QArea Team on May 13, 2013

Security Development Conference: Following the Proven Security Development Practices!
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QArea PHP professionals are happy to take part in the annual event, Security Development Conference, bringing together security specialists from different industries and organizations around the world. The conference will be held on 14-15th May 2013 in San Francisco and will gather the brightest data security professionals under one roof.

What will it be there at the conference?

During the Security Development Conference 2013 the attendees will be able to visit three tracks, all targeting different audience including software engineers, project managers and business decision makers.

  • Engineering for Secure Data track will study the tools, methods and techniques, which can come in handy to software engineers for integrating security into everyday work.
  • Security Development Lifecycle & Data Security track is aimed at project managers, process managers and specialists responsible for security metrics and will explore the ways of integration of security development lifecycle practices into engineering organizations on real examples.
  • Business Risk & Data Security track will bring together business decision makers willing to know the security challenges business can face while securing data as well as securing methods and solutions widely used in the industry.

Each session will include a 60-minute presentation and then 15 minutes will be dedicated to “Question and Answer”.

Why are we going to attend the conference?

QArea is present in the IT market for more than 12 years. Having achieved credibility with its customers all over the world among which are Skype, Skyhook, Simple Devices/Universal Electronics the company cares about its reputation. That’s why we:

  • constantly increase staff’s skills and the quality of offered services through interactions with colleagues,
  • share our experience visiting the most interesting events dedicated to software and management issues and
  • obtain new knowledge confronting industry luminaries and peers.

QArea hopes that after visiting Security Development Conference 2013 our specialists will bring back learning experience concerning the latest security development techniques which are especially useful while protecting organizations in today’s rapidly evolving technology landscape.