Selecting a Program Manager: Top 5 Tips

QArea Team by QArea Team on March 27, 2013

Selecting a Program Manager: Top 5 Tips
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Pushing an affiliate of your company to success you should pay much attention to its marketing and management, which in turn depends on the status and objectives of the company. Making a decision whether to hire an outsourced PM (program manager) or as an in-house affiliate PM, you can consider five factors to help you decide:


Naturally, hiring an affiliate PM each company wants to have a specialist as experienced as possible. If you are just starting with your affiliate program or you want to improve and optimize an existing one, you really need a seasoned person, and this will be an agency.

TIP #1: If you want to achieve the highest results find experienced outsourced program managers (OPMs) from agency.

Relevance to your business

Imagine that your company provides software development services. In this case you would probably like to hire a manager who had experience with software, but not just had to deal with physical goods.

TIP #2: Hire a program manager who had relevant experience.


Hiring an OPM in most cases is less cost-effective than having an in-house affiliate PM. However, in some situations, when the scale of a project is gradually growing and correspondingly requires more labor force, there may come a time that to hire an OPM will be economically more reasonable.

TIP #3: Make your choice on the assumption maturity and budget of your company.

Connections with affiliates

Managers who are relevant to your industry and have previously collaborated with companies offering similar products often maintain relations with affiliates. Nevertheless just having connections is not enough. Find out if these connections are strong enough for your products promotion. Pay attention to a kind of products which affiliates promote. If it is a wide range of products then the managers of such affiliates will expand your reach instead of relationships quality.

TIP #4: Make your decision basing on agency relationships.


One day your program can become bigger and require more efforts. This will make you hire more specialists. If there has already been an in-house PM, you will have to complement his work with an agency or just resort to agency’s services.

TIP #5: OPM agencies prove to be more scalable in comparison with in-house ones.

But do not consider these 5 points separately, while selecting an affiliate PM an integrated approach is expected.