Selling Software Without Even Leaving The Office: Online Sales Tips

QArea Team by QArea Team on October 9, 2014

Selling Software Without Even Leaving The Office: Online Sales Tips
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Cloud-based apps and SaaS will be reaching the impressive $32.2 billion in sales by 2016. That is quite a lot of money. Is all of that earned by people who’ve simply came up with and developed a nice solution? Doubtful. It takes more than just an idea to sell software with success in most cases. How may one increase his chances on successful sales? Here are some tips that may assist:

  • Let’s begin with decreasing the expanses a little bit. That is relatively not related to sales, yes, but it might help in general. Plus saved money can go straight into the marketing campaign. What I am saying is that you are to use reliable cloud hosting services rather than managing all you have in-house. All the required services will be provided by the host thus you will have zero need of creating them in-doors. I’d say that is a huge bonus.
  • Betas sell! As users are getting to know your app and are getting addicted to it by the way you are receiving something as important as actual user feedback. That is quite a quality improver and more target audiences are telling you what they actually want from your software. Priceless.
  • Free sells! It may sound strange, yet offering something for free may get you very far. Especially if it’s software we are talking about. Allow users some minimum potential of your app with a free trial. About a half of all sales are coming from free trials. You are making users certain that your work will serve their needs. That is a win. There is another aspect of selling free stuff. If your software is fully functional and free people will never mind several ‘premium’ features and will buy them eventually.
  • A video about your product has to be placed on your website. It has to be around 2-5 minutes long and explaining what your product is, what it may do and why may users be interested with your end-product. Also a brief display of functionality has to be there. Show users how you are assisting yourselves in daily lives with software you are selling.
  • Have a honest third party for reviews. Everybody may state that their product is the best there is. Yet how reliable are such statements? And if somebody respected will say something good about your app, that will be actual advertizing. Make sure the reviews are honest though as your lies will pop up and with modern internet the entire world will know you are a liar within hours.
  • Users need to feel safe. A guarantee of refunds increases sales by 40%. So offer to return users their money if they are not satisfied or something is wrong with your app. And a 24/7 support line will add extra comfort into their minds and hearts.

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