We Are Proud With Helping a Lot of People via SEO Audits We Presented

QArea Expert by QArea Expert on February 16, 2015

We Are Proud With Helping a Lot of People via SEO Audits We Presented
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Free SEO audits

We at QArea have been overwhelmed with Christmas spirit this year hence have decided to help people as that is what X-mas is all about, right? Our team has decided to give SEO audits for free to everybody eager. That experience was a success as we had a nice chance to help several dozens of website owners to improve their sites.

We did appreciate giving something valuable to people and yet we also had a chance to learn something new. Based on achieved results we may clearly see some trends going on in SEO and many things people are neglecting or making mistakes at often. Many SEO errors took place in several particular spots people should be aware about.

Most often SEO errors that are living in many websites

Proper SEO is of undeniable value to web resources as they are depending on visitors. If users do not have a hard time finding a site it is but one more step closer to success. Thus we are presenting a list of the most shared SEO errors that are present on majority of web pages:

  • Sitemap.xml corrupt or missing. This file helps Google to detect all pages and avoid missing something of importance. This is a list of all your site’s pages and the very important part of the site’s structure that allows Google with everything you have and are willing to offer. It also assists users which is great for appropriate user experience.
  • Robots.txt corrupt or missing. This file servers with the purpose of forbidding particular search bots to commence indexation of several parts of the site. A well-built robots.txt file is desired by many search engines and they may even forbid indexation if the file is not in place.
  • Unappropriated redirects. The catch with Search Engines it that they are only capable of passing relevant data such as page rankings through but one redirection hop. Hence if you are using many unnecessary redirects you may suffer from hard negative impact on your site ranking.
  • Pages ending up in Google’s additional index. Many sites have a lot of pages in Google’s additional Search Engine Index. The number of those pages varies from one site to another but one thing may be said for sure. 10% in the additional index is the possible maximum and in a perfect scenario not a single page is to be listed there. But this is more of an outcome from errors listed above and several other slight issues.

We at QArea are hoping our work has helped a lot of people and will continue to do so in the future. Sadly winter holidays have already passed, but we may still keep a little of that worm Christmas spirit in our hearts. Let’s try to do so together?