Short Or Long? Which Copy Is Better?

QArea Team by QArea Team on November 13, 2014

Short Or Long? Which Copy Is Better?
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Do you actually believe people are reading advertisements? People are reading things they are interested in. They will read your advertisement only if they will be interested in it, there is no other way.

But that is a bit off topic as we are to speak about long and/or short copy. A battle boiling around marketing circles since the sun began to rise in the east. Who are the rivaling armies?

  • Short copy warriors stating people are tired of reading. Especially modern people hate reading more than a dog hates a cat. Their point of view is that writing long is simply pointless especially in letters and sales offers. Most of text will be ignored anyway thus it’s better to use pictures and graphics and even their min tool as for now: the infographics!
  • The other camp does believe that copy sells. More copy, more sales. Easy as that.

And since their battle is so long do you know why it has not yet ended? Why is there no victory in such a bloodshed war? Because both sides are strong, but they are strong in different positions (their base-camps) thus making it obvious on approach is better with a particular goal then the other and vice versa.

So when to write more and when to use less?

  1. Long copy. The client is never eager to spend his money thus there are many obstacles created in his mind as a defensive mechanism to prevent itself from useless purchases. The customer may find the goods found online not trustworthy or way to expensive, etc. Long copy answers the goals of persuading the customer he is making the right decision by answering way more objections. Generally long copy is great for technical and expensive products that have a lot of explaining to do. Or it should be used to reason the customer into buying things with logic and rationalism.
  2. Short copy. Well it’s more of a sniper thing. Exact amount of text that should hit straight through your customers head and to blow his mind. A well combination of sharp text and visualization will be great for fast promotions, sign-up ads and mobile device advertising. If your solution is designed for a smartphone or a tablet you are to go short in 11 cases out of 10.

So the result of the battle may be lined with one sentence! Simply write just the amount of copy you require in a particular case. And remember what we were beginning this post from? And figure out which one would go better with your Web Design. People are reading only the things they are actually interested in ad sometimes, just sometimes it may be your ad!

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