SimpleCenter: tested by experts

QArea Team by QArea Team on December 8, 2011

SimpleCenter: tested by experts
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Simple Center logoOver and over again Ukrainian offices of QArea are visited by the representatives of various companies based all over the world. The representatives of Universal Electronics, Inc. are the recent guests who visited QArea test division – TesFort QA Lab – and met with the experts working in their project.

Who they are

Universal Electronics, Inc. has pioneered connected-device technology in the rapidly growing market for technology solutions that link the home computer and the Internet to existing consumer devices at home and car. The company provides UPnP-compatible software to power and connect devices, new media applications to make devices unique and hardware reference designs to spark the imagination. SimpleWare technology includes intelligent software for customizing, scheduling and synchronizing specific content to designated devices. This means that the technology can be adapted to new products and emerging technology trends – from playing MP3 files on the home stereo and in the car today to streaming movies to the TV and the Internet-connected alarm clock tomorrow.

What we do for them

SimpleCenter is the second project of Universal Electronics, Inc. whereTestFort experts are involved. SimpleCenter is a full-featured PC application for the management, control and distribution of all kinds of digital media music, pictures and movies. This includes a best-of-breed media manager plus a unified platform for connecting and synchronizing media to both home and mobile devices. It is simply one application for all your digital media and devices which enables to easily sync and transfer music, pictures, movies and podcasts from your PC to your devices. SimpleCentr is already compatible with the following digital devices:

digital devices

TestFort QA Lab experts have been working over the project since February 2005 and during this period the application has been released for three times. The next release (4.2. Version) is planned for the end of June 2007. The most interesting and exciting feature of the product, according to the project manager, is the fact that it is open-source based which means that the code is partially available for viewing and compiling for everyone. The users can test the application on their own devices and offer improvements.

The way they see us

SinceTestFort testing team has a broad experience in testing of all kinds of software and embraces different areas ranging from simple one-user applications to complex cross-platform applications, no wonder that Universal Electronics, Inc. choseTestFort as a long-term partner to test their project. This is what our guest said after the visit: “I just wanted to say thank you, to each of you, for your hard work. We make a great team, and I can’t wait to see what we do in the next version! Thanks again! You guys rock!”

We also enjoy our cooperation with this innovative company and wish Universal Electronics, Inc. many successful releases of their always up-to-date products.

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